10 Best Camping Recipes

We are headed out camping this week.  
It’s our second trip of the season and we are so excited!

One of the biggest challenges that I have is finding creative camping recipes.  It’s easy to rely on hotdogs and s’mores but if you camp as often as we do those can become boring really fast.

10 Best Camping Recipes

Last year I challenged myself to try out and create at least one new recipe for every camping trip that we went on.  It’s important when heading out camping to meal plan.  With a detailed plan you will know what supplies to purchase, which meals to prepare in advance and what to pack.
Now for some super yummy, don’t go camping without them, recipes. 

Here are a few of the camp meals that we love:
10 Best Camping Recipes
1.  Turkey Bacon Grilled Chicken is a recipe that you are sure to enjoy.  It takes a bit of preparation but the result is moist and flavorful.  Tip: cut and freeze the chicken in a large Ziploc bag prior to camping.
2.  Baked Potato Supper is a family favorite.  Tip: bake the potato at home for a quick, easy camping meal.
3.  Banana Boats are a sweet treat that I remember from way back when I was a brownie.  Now our kids love them too.
4.  Tin Foil Packet Butter Chicken is a nice change when camping.  Tip: place chicken and sauce in a large Ziploc bag to marinade.  Create a tin foil packet to cook the meal in for easy clean up afterwards.
5.  Grilled Market Vegetables we try to purchase fresh, local vegetables and add grilled vegetables to many of our meals. 
6.  Campfire Dip is another easy and delicious foil packet recipe.  I can’t wait to make it this weekend!
7.  Shrimp Skewers are a must if you are camping with our guys.  They love shrimp!  Tip:  wash, cut and package the vegetable before camping.
8.  Camp Cooker Dessert was a new one for us last year.  The possibilities are endless!  Fill with jam, pie filling, marshmallows, chocolate, fruit, cinnamon, sugar etc.  Tip: camp cookers can be found at Canadian Tire.
9.  Hobo Meatloaf was a hit with the husband!  One of our family favorites for sure.  Tip: measure and cut all of the ingredients before camping.
10.  Grilled Pizza is a recipe that we use all the time, even at home on the barbecue.  The homemade dough can be stored in the fridge or even the freezer!
10 Best Camping Recipes
Here are a few more meals that would be perfect for camping:
sizzle sticks
scrambled french toast
smokin shrimp skewers
We live in Kelowna, British Columbia and like to stick to trips that are fewer than four hours of driving time.  You can find many of the campsites that we have visited and reviews here on the blog.
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I liked reading through all your camping posts, you have really great tips and it is nice to see you instilling a love of camping in your kids!
I spent a couple weeks driving and camping through BC and you are so lucky to live there! -coming from someone who lives in Colorado…
Best of luck to you, I’ll definitely be following your blog now that I’ve found it!!!

What a great list of recipes! We’re really overdue for a good family camping trip. Thanks for linking up at Project Inspire{d}!

HEY!! How do I get the recipe for the sizzle sticks?? Help me out!!!