20+ Nature Crafts for Kids

awesome nature crafts for kids

It’s finally spring and time to bust out the nature crafts for kids! The birds are busy building nests, flowers are blooming and the green grass it is a-growing.

Spring runs a close second as my favorite season of the year (second only to summer of course).

Now that it’s warm enough for the kids to once again be spending the entire day outdoors, they are coming in with all kinds of awesome crafting materials!

Today I have rounded up a huge list of Nature Craft Ideas to help the kids get creative. These would be perfect boredom busters for camping or summer camp activities too!

20+ Nature Crafts for Kids…

Make this easy Watercolor Maple Leaf Craft with the kids! You probably have all of the supplies at home already.

20+ Nature Crafts for Kids

Rock Painting has to be one of my favorite nature crafts for kids. I love that it requires very few supplies and the sky is really the limit as to what the kids can create. We’ve shared a ton of Painted Rock Craft Ideas before but I have to say that this Chewbacca painted rock is my favorite.

Driftwood Wind Chime

This driftwood wind chime is perfect for creating with all of the pieces of wood that the kids collect on their adventures. My boys love to string things together to hang from their DIY tree fort that we made for them last year.

clay leaf craft

The kids loved making these clay leaves out of polymer clay! This is a great way to create fall leaves with a few simple craft supplies.

clay leaf imprint ornament

This clay leaf impression craft is perfect for kids of all ages! It uses real leaves and is a fun way for children to practise fine motor skills.

Painted Leaf Garland

This Painted Leaf Garland Craft would be so much fun to add to your fall nature crafts this year.

Acorn Candles

Floating Acorn Candles would be a good use of leftover wax and wicks.

Leaf Prints

My boys love to create these leave prints using just a bit of paint and fallen leaves collected on a nature walk.

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Our essentials for kid crafts:

Acorn Frame

Nature art like this Acorn Frame help young children explore the natural world with acorn caps.20+ Nature Crafts for Kids

A Bamboo Wind Chime is an amazing idea to use bamboo in creative ways.

20+ Nature Crafts for Kids

These leaf resists are a great summer time craft. Simply place a leaf under a piece of paper and rub a crayon overtop to create an impression of the veins in the leaf. Using the side of a crayon rather than the tip seems to work the best for this technique. Then paint overtop of the crayon using watercolour paints. Finally punch a hole in the paper, tie with twine and hang.

20+ Nature Crafts for Kids

Leaf Printing is the perfect way to include the whole family in natural arts.

More nature crafts:

Bark Owls

This Bark Owl craft makes adorable owls with only a few natural elements.

20+ Nature Crafts for Kids

These leaf bugs are adorable. My boys love this nature craft and are always collecting nuts and shells because they are thinking of the next insect that they can create.

20+ Nature Crafts for Kids

Nature Sculpture is perfect for fairy gardens and wall hangings.

20+ Nature Crafts for Kids

Creating a Driftwood Sign is a wonderful way to celebrate someone special.

20+ Nature Crafts for Kids

Color Diffusing can be done with tissue paper or coffee filters in nature shapes.

20+ Nature Crafts for Kids

Shaker Sticks are one of those fun nature crafts that makes for happy hooligans!

20+ Nature Crafts for Kids

Leaf Hearts and flower petals are the perfect craft to create with nature items

20+ Nature Crafts for Kids

Leaf Animals make great gifts for teacher!

20+ Nature Crafts for Kids

A Fairy Crown is fun for older kids to make.

20+ Nature Crafts for Kids

Natural Paint brushes can be made simply with sticks and branches.

20+ Nature Crafts for Kids

A Maple Seed Dragonfly is one of my favorite nature crafts.

20+ Nature Crafts for Kids

Pine Cone Flowers would make a lovely natural gift.

Sun Catcher Garland

Sun Catcher Garland

20+ Nature Crafts for Kids

Sun Catcher Wind Chime

Wizard Sticks

Wizard Sticks are great to make with young kids.

What would you do with all of these nature crafts for kids? If you love this post please share it on Facebook or Pinterest so that others can enjoy it too!

awesome nature crafts for kids
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The Leaf Resist article link now redirects to someplace else.

You can find the original article in the Internet Archive at


You could also find other descriptions of the leaf resist process which is basically just rubbing a peeled crayon on a piece of paper with a leaf under the paper.

Thanks so much for all the wonderful ideas!!!
What a beautiful collection of Nature crafts! ?

Help your kids bring nature inside your home. Read on to inspire your little ones to learn some amazing craftwork that will help your child bond with nature.

Great Activities during these times crafts that we don’t have to go to the store the purchase supplies. Thankyou!