25+ Pie Iron Recipes for Camping

These pie iron recipes are perfect for whenever we are camping in the wilderness.  We just returned from a long weekend of camping and I have to tell you, it was SO MUCH FUN! 

camping pie iron recipes

While in the woods we, of course, enjoy a wide variety of camping meals that don’t always include hot dogs.  Today I have rounded up some of our favorite Pie Iron Recipes for you…

Too busy to make these right away?! Pin them for later!  Pin these recipes to your favorite camping board on Pinterest and they’ll be waiting for you when you’re ready.

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If you like these be sure to check out our 20+ Pie Iron Dessert Recipes too!  I love using a pie iron (or camp cooker, same thing) while camping.  

They are easy to heat over the campfire and make meal clean up super simple.  If you don’t have one then you definitely need to purchase a Pie Iron of your own and test out a few of these yummy recipes!

These Camp Cooker Cinnamon Rolls are a current viral favorite!

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Our camp cooking essentials:

  • A Pie Iron Camp Cooker from Rome industries makes cooking over the open fire super easy.  These are the best cast iron pie irons! I would not recommend an aluminum pie iron because in my experience the aluminum models tend to warp and break.
  • Visit my how to use a pie iron post for tips on how to use this long handle camp cooker.
  • Foil Pie Plates make tinfoil packet meals even easier with the sturdy base that they provide. 
  • These Grilling Bags that I recently found are amazing!  Simply add all of your ingredients to the bag at home then throw it on the campfire or grill when camping in the great outdoors.  
  • We love these BBQ Cooking Gloves because they make handling campfire food a whole lot safer!

Pie Iron Recipes:

pie iron pumpkin pie recipe

This Camp Cooker Pumpkin Pie recipe has the kids eating pudgie pies all summer long!

pie iron cookie recipe

Camp Cooker Cookies are super fun to bake with a campfire pie iron! Check the post our for tips on making the perfect camping cookies over an open flame.

pie iron garlic bread

This is my favorite way to make Garlic Bread while camping.

pie iron philly cheesesteak sandwich

Camp Cooker Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich is the best thing between two slices of bread!

pie iron cherry pie recipe

This Camp Cooker Cherry Pie recipe makes the most delicious pudgie pie on a cast iron pie iron!

pie iron pizza pocket

Pizza Pockets made in a standard size pie iron are the perfect way to enjoy pizza on the go!

pie iron french toast

A double pie iron is a great way to cook french toast over the fire pit! These are the best pie irons for feeding a crowd.

pie iron fajita recipe

This Camp Cooker Fajita Recipe is another family favorite!

20+ Pie Iron Recipes for Camping

Sundried Tomato and Goat Cheese Croissant is a fancy treat while in the great outdoors!

20+ Pie Iron Recipes for Camping

Pie Iron PB&J is always a hit with the kids!

20+ Pie Iron Recipes for Camping

Pie Iron Nutella and Banana Biscuits make delicious hand pies.

20+ Pie Iron Recipes for Camping

Ham and Cheese Cresents are a great way to make “grilled cheese” over the fire.

20+ Pie Iron Recipes for Camping

These Pie Iron Chicken and Pesto Wraps are absolutely delicious!!

20+ Pie Iron Recipes for Camping

Pie Iron Breakfast Bake is an amazing way to enjoy breakfast between two slices of bread!

20+ Pie Iron Recipes for Camping

This Apple Turnover tastes just like apple pie!

20+ Pie Iron Recipes for Camping

Camp Cooker Pizza can be made easily with some pizza dough, pizza sauce and melted cheese cooked over the hot coals of a fire.

20+ Pie Iron Recipes for Camping

This Breakfast Bake is almost as good as the one from Starbucks!

Tips for cooking with a pie iron:

  • When cooking with a camp cooker for the first time, begin by applying non stick cooking spray, olive oil or butter to the inside of both cooking plates.   This step is important so that your delicious meal doesn’t stick to the plates and burn.
  • Place your recipe ingredients into the cooker before closing and latching it.
  • Cook the recipe over an open fire. We recommend placing the cooker over the fire for two minutes before unlatching, checking for doneness and flipping the cooker over to cook the other side.
  • Use caution when handling both the metal latch and handles as they can become hot while cooking.
20+ Pie Iron Recipes for Camping

Pie Iron Spaghetti is a fun twist on traditional pie iron recipes!

20+ Pie Iron Recipes for Camping

These Chicken Parmesan Wraps look amazing!!

20+ Pie Iron Recipes for Camping

Chicken Chimichanga are very similar to Hobo Pies!

20+ Pie Iron Recipes for Camping

Philly Cheesesteak Grilled Cheese is always a good idea!

20+ Pie Iron Recipes for Camping

Pie Iron Ham Omelet would make a lovely camping brunch!

20+ Pie Iron Recipes for Camping

Dessert mountain pies can be made with any sweet filling!

20+ Pie Iron Recipes for Camping

Cherry Cream Cheese Pie is another great version of pudgy pies!

20+ Pie Iron Recipes for Camping

Pie Iron Cheesy Tots are a hit with the kids!

20+ Pie Iron Recipes for Camping

Quesadillas are a favorite of mine.

20+ Pie Iron Recipes for Camping

Pie Iron Hashbrown would pair nicely with bacon and eggs.

Tips for camping meal preparation:

  • Prepare meals in advance at home whenever possible.  Leave most of the mess at home where running water is more accessible and clean up is easier.  Trust me on this one!
  • Create “one pot” family style meals for quick dinners that don’t require a lot of thought. 
  • Use tinfoil packets, foil pie pans or camp cookers. These tools help to make clean up a breeze!
  • Pack ingredients in 1 gallon size freezer bags for flexible storage in small fridges and coolers.
  • Plan meals that use similar ingredients to help make packing and planning easy.  These Cheesy Vegetable Campfire Dip, Loaded Campfire Potatoes and Tinfoil Packet Nacho Dip recipes are some of our favorites.
  • Use my blank printable meal plan or camping meal plans to help organize your next trip.

There are so many delicious looking pie iron recipes hey?!  Be sure to add some of these to your next camping trip! 

The philly cheesesteak looks especially delicious.  Which one is your favorite?  Have you got a go-to pie iron recipe?  Please share, I would love to try it!

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Looks like I need to add a pie iron to my camping supplies

What a great round up! These recipes look so delicious.

Can’t wait to try this!!

Going camping to summit lake on May 18th with the fam, so excited to try a bunch of the awesome recipes!! Thanks Heather!