Free Hanging Basket Crochet Pattern

Create your own darling hanging basket with this free crochet pattern. Perfect for toys or storage, it’s a stylish and functional DIY project.

crochet hanging basket

This hanging basket crochet pattern is absolutely darling, free and whips up quickly! It’s perfect for organizing kids toys or stuffed animals in.

My boys have a ton of stuffed animals in their bedrooms and I needed an easy storage solution!  So I created this simple hanging basket that can be used to store all kinds of things.

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I love quick and easy projects like this that also provide a useful organizational hack for our home! Fun to create and great for using in the kids bedrooms.

This free pattern is easy to make bigger or smaller depending on the size of hanging basket that you want. I made a smaller version as well for hanging plants in!

If you need a crochet refresher course be sure to check out my Learn To Crochet – a Complete Beginner Guide eBOOK for an easy step-by-step guide!

My favorite kind of crochet patterns are ones that work up quickly and can be completed in an evening.  Like this Crochet Headband Pattern, this easy Hanging Plant Holder Crochet Pattern and this fun Crochet Slipper Pattern.

crochet hanging basket

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Supplies needed for this hanging basket:

crochet hanging basket

My crafting essentials for crochet projects:

  • I love using this Vannas Choice yarn for soft silky projects every time.
  • These crochet hooks are ideal for using with all sizes of yarn.
  • This crochet kit is perfect for the beginner because everything you need to start is included.
  • This lovely yarn tote makes traveling with your crochet project both stylish and easy.
crochet hanging basket

Hanging Basket Crochet Pattern:

  1. Ch 8, to create a magic loop
  2. DC 10 into the loop (10), ch 2
  3. 2 DC into each stitch around (20), ch 2
  4. 2 DC into first st, DC into next stitch and repeat around (30), ch 2
  5. 2 DC into first st, DC 2 and repeat around (40), ch 2
  6. 2 DC into first st, DC 3 and repeat around (50), ch 2
  7. 2 DC into first st, DC 4 and repeat around (60), ch 2
  8. 1 DC into each st around (60), ch 2
  9. 15 DC then 5 DC then 2DCtog for 20 stitches (to decrease by 10 stitches) then 5 DC then 15 DC (50), ch 2
  10. 15 DC then 4 DC then 2DCtog for 12 stitches (to decrease by 6 stitches) then 4 DC then 15 DC (44), ch 2
  11. DC into next 42 st, ch 10, dc in next st (44), ch 2
  12. SC into next 42 st, sc 10 into chain, sc into next st (44), ch 1
  13. Slip Stitch around, slip stitch to join and tie off (44)

Notes: the ch 2 at the end of each round does not count as a stitch.

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Cute basket! It would be good to know if the CH2 counts as a stitch. Also are we not joining w a slip stitch at the end of each round? Thanks for the pattern!

So, when decreasing, it says 15 DC then 5 DC then 2tog. So, is that 20DC then 2tog?

So why separate 15 and then 5?

Hey! Thanks for the pattern! I’m on my second and I keep ending up with a bit of a nipple shape with my first 2 rows. Is that normal? The second row, DC 10 in the loop, am I just picking 2 stitches of the first row to do 2 DC in?

Hi, thank you for the pattern! I’m confused by the starting with 8 chains in order to make a magic loop. I created the loop then chained 8 and when I dc 10 I have the big loop left over?

Hi! Just wanted to help if I can. For the beginning you either can chain 8 and slip stitch it together to make a circle then DC 10 into that or you can use the magic circle and DC10 into it. I don’t use the chaining method because it never stays closed tight so I just redid it using the magic circle and it worked fine! Hopefully you’ll see this and it helps! :)

Row 9 and 10 are very confusing. Example: row 9 – dc 15 than dc 5? Why not just say dc 20?