Healthy Keto Recipes eBook

Healthy Keto Recipes eBook

Hello my friends!!  I am so excited about today.  Following a ketogenic lifestyle has absolutely changed my life.  You can read all about my journey to losing over 85lbs in my Keto Beginner Guide with Real Results post.  Meal planning and creating delicious keto recipes has been instrumental to my success.  So I finally compiled all of my favorite recipes into this Healthy Keto Recipes eBook and am beyond thrilled to share it with you!!

I have been on a ketogenic diet since 2017 and have seen my own fantastic results following this lifestyle.  As an avid foodie and blogger, I have created a ton of recipes that are healthy and keto friendly! It can be hard to know what to eat when following a ketogenic lifestyle.  Food boredom can quickly set in and I want to help prevent that!  I typically eat the same meals day in and day out and have come to understand food as simply a fuel for my body.  But as I progress on this journey I want to switch it up sometimes and thats where these yummy recipes come in.


Healthy Keto Recipes eBook

In this book you will find all of my favorite keto recipes. These recipes are low carb, easy to make and use ingredients that can be commonly found in grocery stores.  Most importantly, they are all delicious!  I love that this book comes in an easily downloadable PDF format.  This makes saving these recipes to your smart phone super convenient! 

Format: PDF

Recipes:  15+ including photos!

Price: $5 USD

Have you heard enough? Click the button below to download your very own copy!

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Low Carb Hamburger Soup Recipe

If you have any questions about keto or these recipes please reach out!  I would love to help you find success with this lifestyle…

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