How to Decorate a Christmas Tree with Ribbon

Learn how to decorate a Christmas Tree with ribbon using these awesome tips & tricks. Create a stunning tree like a pro!

Ribbon is one of my favorite parts of decorating a Christmas tree. It adds such an elegant touch to the Christmas tree that almost makes it look like it belongs in a storefront window.

Ribbon is one of those tricky decorating things, where a little too much and your entire tree looks cluttered. Here are some simple steps to putting perfect ribbon on a Christmas tree so that your tree looks full and beautiful this holiday season.

Start with the ribbon!

The first step is to talk about the ribbon you will use to decorate your tree. You will need a lot more ribbon than you think to decorate your tree. Buy what you think you need and then add one more roll!

If you have leftover ribbon, you can always use it to wrap presents or make other DIYs around your home, so don’t worry about getting too much ribbon. I like to buy the big rolls from Costco!

For decorating your tree, you will need a ribbon that is ideally 2-3 inches wide. You don’t want to go much more than 4 inches wide or less than about 1 inch wide on a standard tree.

Ribbon with built in wire is a must have for decorating the Christmas tree!

Different ribbons to use:

  • burlap ribbon adds texture and contrast
  • mesh ribbon is lovely
  • wired ribbon is the best for attaching to tree branches
  • thin ribbon or wide ribbons work
  • ribbon bows or ribbon garland is lovely
  • ribbon decorations like a ribbon pick add dimension
red buffalo check deer christmas tree

Fix your branches and add lights.

You want to add ribbon to your tree before the ornaments but after the Christmas lights. Whether you are working with a real or artificial tree, make sure that your branches are fluffy and full. This Deer Themed flocked tree is a great example of that!

Ribbon can help conceal some holes in your tree, but it can’t stop a weak branch. Add your lights onto the tree first, before adding ANY ribbon to your tree!

Our Hand Crafted Christmas Tree

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How to put ribbon on a Christmas tree:

It’s time to start putting the ribbon on your tree.

  • The best way to do this is by starting at the top of the tree and working down in a spiral pattern.
  • When placing the ribbon on your tree, tuck the end piece into the back of the tree before starting with a new roll of ribbon.
  • Work it around the tree, tucking and twisting as you go.
  • I have found that it’s easiest to work clockwise when adding ribbon, but make sure whichever direction you choose, you stick to it!
  • Use floral wire or pipe cleaners to attach the ribbon to the faux tree if needed.
  • Leave about 6″ of space between wraps of ribbon around the tree and finish at the base, tucking the remaining ribbon into the tree collar or trimming off excess ribbon at the end.

There are many different ways and types of ribbon to decorate with but this is one of my favorite ways to create a next level tree.

red buffalo check deer christmas tree

As you work your way down the tree, drape the ribbon naturally. Your ribbon should never stretch or pull.

As you work around the tree, tuck in the ribbon. Let it come out a bit, then tuck it in again. Vary the intervals of where you tuck in the ribbon to make it look more natural.

Avoid going in straight lines! This will make it look more natural and help avoid sharp bands of ribbon around the tree.

Our Hand Crafted Christmas Tree

Finishing touches…

You shouldn’t need to do anything else to get your ribbon to stay in the tree. Some ribbons are a little tricky and may not stay in place even if you haven’t been pulling it. For these pieces, curve them gently over a piece of tree branch or use floral wire to help hold it in place.

There are many different techniques to go about putting ribbon on a Christmas tree. However, this guide will help ensure that you are left with beautiful Christmas trees that will light up your whole home into a Winter Wonderland.

red buffalo check deer christmas tree

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Finally add Christmas tree decorations. I like to use these ornament hooks and start by hanging smaller ornaments at the top of the tree and large ornaments towards the bottom of the tree. Adding Christmas decorations is the easiest way to create a personalized holiday tree.

Some of my Christmas decorating finds:

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These themed trees use various kinds of ornaments and colors of ribbon. Check them out for more inspiration:

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