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How to Make a Polymer Clay Watermelon Craft

clay watermelon craft

This polymer clay watermelon craft is fun to make and perfect for identifying seeds that you have planted in the garden this spring.  Let me show you how to make this cute garden marker…

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When planting seeds in the spring it’s super easy to forget what you’ve planted once the seeds are under the soil.  So I created this darling clay watermelon to mark our seeds this year.  Be sure to check out these 20+ Watermelon Craft Ideas too!

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My essentials for clay crafts:

clay fruit process

Supplies that you will need:

clay watermelon process

How to make a polymer clay watermelon:

  1. Form a 2 cm red ball into a triangle shape.  Form 1/2 cm dark green ball and light green ball into ropes. Press them to the bottom of the triangle. 
clay watermelon process

2. Form two indents for eyes with the stylus.  Pierce a hole in the bottom with a toothpick.  Roll two tiny black balls.

clay fruit process

3. Place the clay watermelon on a parchment lined baking sheet and bake as directed on the package.  For me this was 20 minutes at 220 degrees.

clay fruit process

4. Glue the black balls on for eyes.

clay watermelon process

5. Draw a smiling mouth and seeds with the black sharpie marker.

clay fruit process

6. Paint a white dot on the eyes and seal with mod podge.

polymer clay fruit plant markers

7. Add a toothpick to create a little stake to press into the soil and voila!

How darling are these garden markers?!  You can find the entire clay fruit garden marker tutorial here.  We can’t wait to see all of our little fruit seeds sprout this spring.

polymer clay watermelon plant marker

Polymer clay crafting tips:

  • Work with a high quality product like sculpey clay.
  • Use plastic wrap in an air tight container to store clay.
  • Score where you want two pieces of clay to stick together.
  • Shape cutters work best on a flat, solid work surface.
  • A craft oven is not needed.
  • Bake at low temperatures to allow the clay to set slowly and prevent cracking.
  • You can find clay of all kinds of different colors at Michaels stores.

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