How to Winterize Your Travel Trailer

how to winterize your travel trailer
Learn how to winterize your travel trailer for the season with this step by step checklist and simple tips. Why not winterize your RV at home this year!

We are avid campers who spend more than forty nights in the great outdoors every year.  Winterizing the trailer is something that I have become used to doing regularly in the fall.  This checklist makes it super easy not to forget anything!

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I love to have things organized before storing the RV for the winter so be sure to check out my Travel Trailer Organization Ideas for more tips and tricks for that!  We also have tips on how to dewinterize your trailer for spring!

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Our winterizing essentials:

  • This Flexible RV Sealant works well to seal the seams of the roof.
  • I like this Mildew Stain Remover for cleaning our awning. 
  • This RV Antifreeze is what I use to winterize my water lines.  1 gallon is enough for my trailer.  Be sure to get RV antifreeze and not the other stuff.
  • A charger like this Duracell Trickle Charger must be hooked up to your trailer batteries over winter or they may lose their charge and not work in the spring.  Ask me how I know! 
  • I use these Dry Air Pellets and this refillable Dry Air Pot to help reduce moisture in the trailer over winter.

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How to winterize your travel trailer checklist:

  1. Drain holding tanks.
      • Be sure to drain all of the tanks.  Fresh water tank, grey and black tanks.
  2. Fill lines with RV safe antifreeze or blow lines out with an air compressor.
      • Be sure to close the lines to your fresh water tank and hot water tank so that the antifreeze does not enter them.
      • Don’t forget to drain the shower hose and shower head as well.
  3. Close and drain the hot water tank.  
  4. Clean the refrigerator and prop it open so that mold and mildew does not grow over the season.
  5. Remove all food from storage bins and cupboards.
  6. Wash and store bedding.
  7. Remove and store toiletries.
  8. Remove any liquid that may freeze during winter.
  9. Chalk and seal the seam of the roof.
      • RV technicians can be hired to do this however it is a fairly simple task.  Be sure to remove old chalk before resealing.
      • Covering the trailer with a tarp may also protect it from the elements.
  10. Remove batteries, place inside (not on a cement floor) and attach to a trickle charger for the winter.
  11. Clean and store the awning securely.
  12. Store the trailer in a spot where it can remain level and clear of debris.
  13. Block and cover tires if desired.
  14. Place two Dry Air Containers in the trailer to help draw out moisture during the winter months.
  15. Use Bounce dryer sheets or moth balls throughout the trailer to help prevent small rodents from coming inside.

How to winterize your travel trailer

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