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How to Make Perler Bead Bubble Wands

make perler bead bubble wands

Learn how to make these fun Perler Bead Bubble Wands with the kids!  They make the perfect boredom buster activity in the spring or summer.

how to make perler bead bubble wands

Our kids have been going absolutely “Ga Ga” over perler beads recently!!  They have been creating all sorts of unique designs, patterns and crafts!  Weekly trips to Michaels have been made just to stock up on colors that we have run out of!  Seriously, its been so fun to watch the kids get creative.  Today we are creating fun Perler Bead Bubble Wands….

Perler Bead Bubble Wands

Michaels sells these uniquely shaped perler beads that are perfect for bubble wand making!  Of course they are great for creating other things too so be sure to stay tuned for many, MANY more perler bead ideas on the blog in the coming weeks.

How to make Perler Bead Bubble Wands:

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Perler Bead Bubble Wands


perler beads (various shapes and sizes)

large perler bead peg board

parchment paper


Perler Bead Bubble Wands

Step 1: place large perler beads at the top of the board and create handles using smaller perler beads.  You don’t need these fancy bubble wand perler beads to create a bubble wand!  Simply form an open square and handle with regular perler beads to make your own bubble wand variations.

Perler Bead Bubble Wands

Step 2: Cover the beads with wax paper and iron until the holes in the beads just start to melt and disappear.  Repeat on the other side.

Perler Bead Bubble Wands

Step 3:  blow bubbles!!!  We created our own bubble mixture with dish soap and warm water.

Perler Bead Bubble Wands

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Crafting essentials for perler bead projects:

Fun right?!  Have you made any fun perler bead crafts recently?  Please share…

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These are the absolute cutest!

Thanks so much Laura! xo