Plants vs Zombies Pom Pom Popper

Plants vs Zombies Pom Pom Popper

When my littles turned eight, they were determined to have a Plants vs Zombies Birthday Party.  And no birthday is complete without a little birthday party crafting!  All of the kids made one of these Pom Pom Poppers in between games of lazer tag.

Plants vs Zombies Pom Pom Popper

These are very simple to make!  I had everything prepared before the party so that the kids just assembled poppers and played.


Balloons (10)

Plastic cups (20)

Pom Poms (lots)


Black sharpie (optional)

White paint pen (optional)

Plants vs Zombies Pom Pom Popper

Cut the bottoms off of all of the cups.  Draw eyes on the balloons with sharpie and a paint pen.  Tie the balloon closed and cut a small hole at the other end.  Place two cups together and stretch a balloon overtop.  Have the kids place pom poms in the open cup, pull back on the tied end of the balloon and watch them fly!!

Plants vs Zombies Pom Pom Popper

I love that with eyes they look like a Frozen Pea Shooter from PvsZ!  Perfect tie into our party!!

Plants vs Zombies Pom Pom Popper

Have fun popping!!!

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Thank you SOOO much for this!!! It literally will save the day for my little’s 8th birthday party!! I have been wracking my brain trying to figure out how to give him the experience he is looking for without losing my mind.