Superhero 5th Birthday Party

We celebrated the boys 5th birthday yesterday with a Superhero Party!

Check out those superhero moves people! 
I’m going to give you a little {okay big} chronological run down of the whole event.  It was CRAZY!  Our house is not big enough for that many superheros.  I say next year we just go to Disneyland {are you with me?}  Whoop Whoop!
Okay I may have had a bit too much sugar ;) 
Still waiting for the crash.
But here’s the whole shebang…
 The blue sheet is a thrift store find {$4} that I painted a cityscape on, using acrylic paints.  I painted and cut out the “happy birthday” sign and spray painted boxes to create buildings.  **Tip #1 –  Boxes with shiny logos were actually easier to spray paint than plain ones because they didn’t soak up the paint like the unfinished boxes did.
My mom found the perfect sized box to create a child sized telephone booth with ~ this one took 2.5 cans of spray paint to cover and left a lovely crop square on the garage floor ;)  The kids LOVED it! 
These giant word explosions are now in my shop and measure over 30″x30″.  They added a fun shot of colour and energy to the party! 
As the guests arrived they were invited to decorate lightening bolt sugar cookies.  Totally fun! 
Ever try to find a lightening bolt cookie cutter?  Yeah.  Impossible.  So I made my own :P
After cookies they each created a superhero bracelet using pony beads and superhero beads {also found in my shop}.
 Then the real craziness started.  After changing into their superhero costumes the children were directed to participate in six different activities.  They received a stamp on a playing card for each activity and when their card was full they got an “official superhero” certificate.  Problem?  They must have thought it was a race ~ they ran through the activities so quickly!  **Tip #2 – party activities don’t take nearly as long as you think they will.
 I set up each station {activity} with a sign.  We used punching balloons for this one.  **Tip #3 – DON’T hang them on the blinds awaiting the activity.  The kids didn’t know to take them down and our blinds took a beating.  ha ha
 I covered silly string with these “spider webbing” labels for the “blast a bad guy” activity.
 I think that it is safe to say that the superheroes won.
 Here are the playing cards and certificates.  I purchased a printable party package from One Charming Party that included these certificates, invitations and food labels.  It was a great jumping off point and had tons of ideas for decor and activities.
 A few of our activity stations.  If you would like the printable version of these signs, the playing cards and spiderman label please let me know.  I can upload them to google docs if you are interested.
 Now on to the food.  I was hoping to have more time to set up and prep lunch while the kids were doing their activities but see Tip# 2.  All of the fruit and veggies were washed, cut and ready to go the morning before the party.  I picked up these white trays at Homesense {I am somewhat addicted to that store and was there three times last week – shhh don’t tell Darcy}. ;)
These food labels were pretty cute.
 We also served a kids friendly standby ~ hotdogs.
 The coolest part was that {okay longish story} I thought , last minute of course, it would be cool to have some kind of hotdog wrapper – you know, the kind the vendors give you?  But with one day until the party there was no way I was going to find them.  So I was in the mall {random} and happened to walk by Orange Julius.  I asked if I could buy a couple of their hotdog holders and they said sure.  And gave me 10 for FREE.
Can I get another Whoop! Whoop!?
 I brought them home and redecorated them with yellow cardstock and superhero cardstock {that I cut from the front and back of a sticker book}.
 Fun right?!  The boys requested their favorite superheroes – done!
 The whole gang refueling.
 I made DIY superhero costumes for every guest to take home {instead of goodie bags}.  **Tip #4 – the boys are still at an age where little and big siblings came to the party too.  I forgot this and would plan to have something special for them next time too.
After lunch it was time for cake.  These turned out WAY better than I could have hoped or expected.  YOU can do this too!  I’ll be posting the tutorial tomorrow.
 Candle blowing.
 Isaiah superhero flying.

Cameron superhero flying.
Thanks for sharing our special day with us.
My boys are five!
I’m not sure how I feel about that yet…

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The party looks awesome, Heather! How did you make the cookie cutter?

Such a great party, Heather! I really love all the themed details and I love that you DIY’ed so much {or all} of it! I’m sure the boys had a great time!

Wow! That party looks awesome! I love the costumes you made for everyone. Great job!

This is adorable! You really went all out and it looks like they had a great time!

What a ‘super’ party!! They look like they all had a blast and I LOVED all the activities. PLUS how clever of you to cover your freebie hot dog holders. Good job, girl! Gotta love twin birthdays where it seems like it’s two parties in one and kinda crazy… but I still love it! :)

Just stopping by to invite you to My Wednesday Linky party. https://diycraftyprojects.com/2012/10/whatcha-work-up-wednesday-linky-party-6.html

Found via Pinterest and sent you an email.

I wanted to check out your etsy shop, but when I clicked your link it took me to “my shop”, which was the inventory for my own shop instead of your shop.

Anyways, really cute ideas, I am planning on doing a super hero themed party for my children (my son will be turning 4, my daughter will be turning 3, yes, they are 12 months apart), and might be using a few of these tailored to fit our party needs of course. Thanks for sharing :-D

Weird ~ I think that I have fixed the link thanks! A boy/girl superhero party would be so much fun! Thanks for stopping by!

I would love to get the printable version of these signs, the playing cards and spiderman labels please. Wow you are one amazing and talented mama. Thank you for all the tutorials and pictures. I am definitely a visual learner and you made this so easy for me. You are going to make some super kiddos very happy. Keep up all your wonderful work. Your boys are truly blessed. Mrs. Valerie

I forgot one question “What did you use to keep the costume sides together?

Looks like a great party! I’m sure the kids had a fantastic time. If you laid that sheet on the ground, each kid could take turns laying down on it in a pose that looks like flying. Then someone standing on a ladder or chair could take a picture of them. The picture will look like they really are flying with nothing holding them up. There is a picture of this on my pinterest birthday party board if you want to check it out. My user name is MrandMrs White. Look for the board that says ♕Celebrations – Birthday Serendipity♕. https://www.pinterest.com/MrMrsWhite/celebrations-birthday-serendipity/ Thanks for sharing your family birthday party :)

It just occurred to me that you probably kept that sheet and the costumes. Even if the party is over, that doesn’t mean the photo op is over! The kids can have even more fun now.

Good information. Lucky me I ran across your website by chance (stumbleupon).

I’ve bookmarked it for later!