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Take It Outside ~ Rock Painting

Take It Outside!


We just came back from camping last weekend where I introduced the boys to the art of rock painting.  Now, I know that this might be a no-brainer to some but seriously, rock painting is an awesome outdoor activity!  It requires few materials, is inexpensive and can be done just about anywhere.


I hope that this post will inspire you to try out this oldie but goodie ~ especially if it is something that you haven’t done with your kiddos before.  My guys loved it…
This is Cameron’s finished rock.
I made sure to pack a few paints and brushes for our camping trip.  We used acrylic patio paint but you could use anything really.  I had the boys scour our campsite for a rock that they felt was suitable and we got started.
Isaiah was very detailed and meticulous in his painting.
One rock painting yielded about half an hour of quiet harmony.  Priceless time with our two boys.
Isaiah added a few finishing details to his rock, including his initial.
The finished rock masterpieces turned out pretty cool if you ask me.  They are now gracing our front garden at home as the boys couldn’t bear to leave them behind at our campsite. 
Do you have any great outdoor activities for kids?  Please share!
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