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Easy Upcycled Eat Sign

Upcycled Eat Sign

This upcycled eat sign makes the perfect addition to our kitchen and dining space.  Check out how easy it was to update!

Today is all about this Upcycled “Eat” Sign in my dining room.  My favorite way to lighten up a space is with paint… white paint to be exact!  So when updating my space this spring I just HAD to paint a few things white.  I love how a pop of crisp white decor can instantly lighten and brighten a space.

Upcycled Eat Sign:

Upcycled Eat Sign

This sign was originally purchased at Michaels.  You can find the before photographs in my Dining Room Shelving Ideas post.  The challenge with this space is my gorgeous Mid Century Modern antique shelving unit.  I have debated painting it white or creating a built in to cover this wall instead.  I have finally decided to work with it.  So when decorating this space I just make sure to highlight it with lighter decor pieces to accent my decor.

In order to change this sign from a silver/metal colour I took out all of the lightbulbs, covered the light switch with painters tape and filled the light sockets with little pieces of newspaper.

Upcycled Eat Sign

Then I placed the sign in a large cardboard box, for ease of moving, and spray painted the crap out of it.  This took quite a few coats because the weather was not cooperating at the time.  But in a perfect world it should have taken three or four coats of paint.  Getting to every nook and cranny can be challenging so be sure to check out all of the angles.

Upcycled Eat Sign

When it was all dry I simply peeled off the tape, took out the newpaper and screwed the little light bulbs back in.  I absolutely LOVE how it looks now!  The “Eat” sign really pops in this space.  The metal/silver sign seemed to fade into the background and add to the dark feel of this unit.

I have also painted a plant pot, my table legs and a bunch of wall art recently.  All white.  I might have a problem! LOL

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