The BEST Oven Roasted Turkey Recipe

Green Cutlery

This is the best oven roasted turkey recipe – it’s baked to perfection creating tender, juicy turkey breast and crispy, herb butter skin.

In my mind, a roast turkey is always the perfect turkey for holiday celebrations. It’s the basis for all of our family get togethers and large gatherings because this turkey is always delicious and feeds a crowd!

For Thanksgiving dinner, our go-to cooking method is this garbage can turkey, at Christmas we always have a turkey roast and for Easter we often cook a smoked turkey.

Ever since I moved away from home to attend University, I have been the “turkey roaster” of the group. I remember my four roommates and I all trying to figure out how to cook a bird in the oven. A phone call home to mom was definitely required because back in those days, Google as we know it did not exist. Cooking a whole turkey for the first time can be intimidating!

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