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Wooden Penguin Ornament

Wooden Penguin Ornament

Seriously you guys, this Wooden Penguin Ornament is far too adorable for words!  His little bow tie is just the perfect finishing touch.  My son Isaiah came up with this idea and I can’t wait to share the easy, peasy tutorial with you.

Wooden Penguin Ornament

Gah!  He’s so cute!!  In our enthusiasm to create all sorts of fun things with a pile of wood slices we had (see these Reindeer, Spiders, Pumpkins and Apples) Isaiah came up with this little wooden penguin ornament.  I simply cannot take any of the inspirational credit there.  That kid loves a good craft and is always game for getting messy when the craft supplies come out!

Wooden Penguin Ornament

This is truly a simple craft to create!  Most of our supplies can be found in your craft room.  And if you don’t have a slice of wood, don’t worry!  Just use a round of cardboard or card stock instead!  You could actually use acrylic paint to create our entire penguin look if you wanted.  I like the bit of texture and dimension that the cardstock added to this project though.

Materials (affiliate links):


Step 1.  Paint the slice of wood black, add a belly with white acrylic paint.

Step 2.  Cut out an orange nose, glue it on.

Step 3.  Cut out a red tie, glue it on.

Step 4.  Glue on googlie eyes.

Step 5.  Tie with a piece of twine to hang.

Watch the how to video for step by step instructions.

Wooden Penguin Ornament
This would be cute hanging on the Christmas tree, added to the packaging on a gift or hung from a bottle of wine as a teacher present.  Now there’s an idea!  Am I right teachers?!  What would you do with one of these adorable Wooden Penguin Ornaments?  Do you have any other ideas for what we could make with a bunch of wooden slices?

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