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DIY Accent Table Tutorial

DIY Accent Table Tutorial
This DIY accent table is super easy and cute to make.  I have been working on updating our living space and am beyond excited to share the entire reveal with you soon. 
I am absolutely thrilled with the way that this DIY accent table turned out!  Today I am sharing the entire DIY Accent Table tutorial with you…
DIY Accent Table Tutorial
It is the perfect sofa table for our space.  Be sure to check out the rest of the living room with this turquoise gallery wall home tour or our rustic woodland dining room.
DIY Accent Table Tutorial
The entire project only cost $12!  Seriously.  $12 #forthewin!
Target has an awesome home decor section.  I love just about everything this season!  It would all look absolutely fabulous in our home.  So when I saw this black wire accent table at Target for $99 I was determined to knock it off.  

 Here’s how to create your own DIY Accent Table:

DIY Accent Table Tutorial
Target also sells wire umbrella/laundry baskets for $12 – $20.  I purchased a white one and just flipped it upside down to create a table base.  Easy peasy right?
Next I went to Home Depot to see if they could possibly cut a circle of wood for me?  Pretty please?!?  Alas they only offer straight cuts in store but the sales associate said that he had just put a set of cable spool ends in the dumpster, would they work?  Um, YEAH!!  
So I took home two circles of plywood about 19.5″ in diameter for FREE.  You can find these at most home supply stores, just go in and ask if they have any lying around.
I wanted a thicker look to the table top so I glued the two cable spool ends together using no more nails adhesive.  I lined up the holes in each piece of wood for a unified look before gluing.
This is one of the pieces that had some numbers and letters stained into the wood.  I wanted to work with that vintage feel so I added “Circa 1999” and “Kelo” (the first few letters in the name of the city where we live) with black acrylic paint.

After the paint dried I sanded the entire surface smooth using my hand sander.
can of wood stain on a table

About the stain…

I chose to stain the entire table top with a slightly red tinged stain to complement the Mid Century Danish Antique that I had found a few weeks ago.  After the stain was set I covered it with a few coats of polyacrylic sealer.  Finally I fastened the top to the wire basket using jute (strung through the holes) and all purpose glue (like E6000) underneath.
stained table top
Here you can see where the holes were lined up and where the jute was fastened.
DIY Accent Table Tutorial
We love the hole in the center because it’s perfect for putting your cup into and acts like a cup holder.  Dude, so cool!

Take a look at our finished DIY accent table from every single angle of the living room…

DIY Accent Table Tutorial
DIY Accent Table Tutorial
DIY Accent Table Tutorial
DIY Accent Table Tutorial
DIY Accent Table Tutorial

DIY End Table Tips:

  • Use a wooden top and hairpin legs to create a simple design.
  • Create a farmhouse style with rustic supplies from the local hardware store.
  • Use laundry baskets for a unique look with geometric shapes.
  • Create a vintage look using natural elements, wood filler and stain.
DIY Accent Table Tutorial

Did you use this DIY Accent Table Tutorial?  I would love to see the finished project, please share! Thanks so much for stopping by.

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It doesn’t seem that Target offers these wire baskets any longer. Has anyone completed this project recently and found a good basket? Thanks!

Nice accent table. The paint and poly and brushes, liquid nails and the caulk gun alone will run well in excess of $24 unless you just happen to have all that lying around too. Realistically, triple or quadruple the cost of this project. Basically, you need to have most of this already lying around.

Absolutely fabulous table Heather


I realize I’m Commenting about a post from a couple of years ago. ? I love this and am going to create a couple of this wonderful end tables. I also would love to know the brand of your couch? Strange question? That’s me. But I love the shape, depth and color/design of the fabric.

Thank you!!