How to Make a Clay Plant Pot

how to make a clay plant pot

Learn how to make this cute clay plant pot using air dry clay! No oven or kiln is needed, isn’t that awesome?!

how to make a clay pot

I have been busy redecorating after taking down all of our holiday decor this month.  The house looks so empty without it!  So I decided to fill our space with life and PLANTS!  Lots and lots of house plants.  They add such a great pop of color and texture to a space!  Be sure to read my tips for decorating with house plants

To that end I needed to make a few more plant pots for all of my new house plants.  So I picked up some air dry clay from the dollar store and got to work!

how to make a clay plant pot

How to make a clay plant pot:

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how to make a clay plant pot

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You will need:

how to make a clay plant pot

  1. Start by rolling the clay flat to about 1/4″ thickness, in a circular shape.  How much clay to use depends on how big you want to make your pot.  I used about a tennis ball size of clay.
  2. Fold and pinch the clay upwards to form a pot shape.  Smooth out any wrinkles with your fingers.  This can take some practise, have fun with it!

how to make a clay plant pot

3.  Use the sculpting tool to gently press dimples into the clay.  This helps to build texture and hide imperfections.  It’s helpful to have one hand inside of the pot, supporting it, while doing this.

how to make a clay plant pot

4. Stuff crumpled up paper inside of the pot to help support the form and shape that you have created.

how to make a clay plant pot

5. Allow the plant pot to air dry for 24 hours or until completely hardened.  

Let the clay plant pot air dry overnight.

how to make a clay plant pot

6. Finally, paint the pot white using acrylic paint.

how to make a clay plant pot

Didn’t our pot turn out darling?! I absolutely love all of the little imperfections and texture.  This is the perfect project if you are looking for a unique plant pot or cannot find one in the right size for your house plant.  

The succulent in this pot is actually a fake one that I purchased from Ikea so it does not need to be watered.  Air Dry clay may seep if your plants are overwatered so be sure to place a little tray underneath if you plan on potting real plants in this.

how to make a clay plant pot

Crafting essentials for easy crafts:

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I love the look of this planter I’m going to make it nice gift