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20+ High Protein Chicken Breast Recipes

Enjoy these mouthwatering high protein chicken breast recipes! From grilled to baked, find delicious dishes to fuel your day.

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Like most families, my boys and I love a good sweet treat, but generally we eat fairly healthy. One of the problems I sometimes face, though, is how to keep these young men feeling full for any length of time.

That’s why I like to be sure that the meals we make have a solid source of protein. Did you know that boneless skinless chicken breast has 31 grams of protein per 100 grams? That makes it an excellent choice for any satisfying and nutritious meal.

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Today, I have a bunch of delicious chicken options to share with you. All of these high protein chicken recipes are great as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Serve them with whole grains like brown rice or try a high-protein pasta. If you are looking for a low carb option, use cauliflower rice.

Each of of these recipes is a great meal prep option too. Cook up any of these skillets on the weekend and divide them up into individual portions for the perfect lunch all week long.

That is a win for everyone in my book. Enjoy!

Wooden serving spoon scooping a mozzarella cheese round from a bed of tomato sauce covering chicken in a cast iron skillet topped with fresh chopped basil.

Chicken Breast Recipes

Tomato Basil Chicken Skillet – This easy chicken dinner is loaded with tangy tomatoes and fragrant basil. This tasty, easy-to-make dish is a great choice for any occasion!

Chicken and vegetables covered in teriyaki sauce in a foil packet.

These delicious teriyaki chicken foil packs are quick to prep & easy to cleanup. Simply wrap chicken, veggies & sauce in foil then cook to perfection!

Chicken breast covered in a ranch cream sauce garnished with crisp bacon bits and parsley.

Creamy Bacon Ranch Chicken Skillet – Enjoy this savory one-pan creamy bacon ranch chicken skillet. It is loaded with juicy chicken, crispy bacon, and ranch-infused creaminess in every delicious bite!

Tuscan Chicken Breast Skillet Recipe

Tuscan Chicken Skillet – You’re sure to love this creamy Tuscan chicken skillet meal. This easy dish combines tender chicken breast, sun-dried tomatoes, spinach, and creamy sauce, all in one irresistible meal!

Close up of chicken breast covered in an orange sweet chili sauce topped with fresh cilantro and sesame seeds in a cast iron skillet.

Sweet Chili Chicken Skillet – Savor the perfect blend of succulent chicken, fresh herbs, and a sticky sweet chili sauce in this delightful one-pan sweet chili chicken skillet recipe.

Chicken and baby potatoes covered in ranch seasoning, bacon bits and melted cheese in a foil packet.

Delight your taste buds with this chicken bacon ranch foil pack recipe. A savory blend of chicken, bacon, ranch seasoning and melty cheese!

Chicken breasts blackened with seasoning, garnished with cilantro and lime wedges in a cast iron skillet.

Blackened Chicken Skillet – Enjoy the incredible flavor of this blackened chicken skillet recipe! Juicy chicken, seared to perfection in a smoky spice blend, is a delicious addition to burrito bowls or as part of Taco Tuesday.

Chicken Salad With Grapes Recipe

Chicken Salad With Grapes – a fresh and delicious recipe that makes the perfect side dish for summer time bar-be-cues!

Cooked chicken breast covered in a cream sauce with mushrooms in a cast iron skillet.

Creamy Mushroom Sauce Chicken Skillet – Tender chicken meets rich mushroom creaminess for a deliciously satisfying meal. Served with rice or noodles and a side of green beans, this is one of our favorite skillet dishes.

More Chicken Recipes

Keto Baked Chicken Breast Recipe

This is the easiest and the tastiest keto baked chicken recipe – EVER! Add this dish to your low carb menu planning asap.

Cooked chicken breast covered in melted butter and garlic in a cast iron skillet.

Garlic Butter Chicken Skillet – Savor the simplicity of this easy dish. Tender chicken in a rich, buttery garlic sauce, makes a flavorful feast in a single pan.

Chicken Cobb Salad Recipe

This delicious chicken cobb salad recipe combines all of the classic cobb salad toppings with flavourful buffalo chicken – it’s seriously a must try!

Lemon Orzo Chicken

This easy lemon chicken orzo recipe is delicious and hassle free! Tender chicken, creamy orzo and zesty lemon are combined for a quick and satisfying meal.

Chicken on a bed of sliced bell peppers and zucchini topped with melted shredded cheese and jalapeno slices with a lime wedge garnish in a foil packet.

This salsa chicken foil pack recipe is a dinner time staple. Juicy chicken, vibrant salsa, fresh veggies, and cheese, foil wrapped and baked to perfection!

Bacon Wrapped Chicken Tenders

These easy bacon wrapped chicken tenders will quickly become a dinner time staple. They are absolutely delicious, moist and perfectly cooked on the grill every time.

Tips and Tricks

  • Try these recipes with chicken thighs or chicken legs instead of chicken breasts.
  • If you are watching your salt intake as part of your healthy eating plan, look for substitutions for your recipes with less sodium in them, like using low sodium chicken broth or low sodium soy sauce. The switches won’t change how the recipe cooks up, but you will save yourself a lot of salt.
  • Eating raw chicken is a health hazard. To be sure your chicken is fully cooked, check the internal temperature using a meat thermometer inserted into the thickest part of the meat.
  • Store any leftovers in the fridge in an airtight container.
High Protein Chicken Breast Recipes with text overlay.

Whip up any of these delicious dinner ideas for a high protein meal the whole family will enjoy!

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