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How to Make Bird Nest Cupcakes

how to make easy bird nest cupcakes
Learn how to make bird nest cupcakes with this super easy cupcake tutorial! They are so adorable to create for Easter this year.

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bird nest cupcakes
Not everyone knows this…
but I am actually not a big fan of snacking on cupcakes.
At times I can be surrounded by a sea of cupcakes for class or special occasions and may not even try one.  
Give me a bag of chips though and it’s a whole different story…

Little Chick Cupcakes

We made these cute little guys during a recent Cupcake Creations class.

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My kitchen essentials for baking:

Little Chick Cupcakes

How to make bird nest cupcakes…


  • Vanilla cupcakes filled with cookie dough
  • Dunken Hines frosting
  • Toasted coconut
  • Mini Eggs
  • Edible black food marker
  • Yellow modelling chocolate
 They chicks are nestled on a cookie dough filled, vanilla cupcake.  

Little Chick Cupcakes

1. The cupcake is topped with icing and toasted coconut to create a nest.
2. Then we added our little Mini Egg chicks.
3. The noses were made out of modelling chocolate with edible marker used to create eyes.

Little Chick Cupcakes 
Simply cute hey?!
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so cute!

ok those are utterly CUTE!!!

Oh my goodness! These are so adorable!