The Best Blue Curacao Mojito Recipe

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What is a Mojito? A mojito is a traditional Cuban cocktail that combines five ingredients: white rum, sugar, lime juice, soda water, and mint.

Curacao is a citrus flavoured liqueur from the Dutch island of Curacao.  It is not always blue but can also be clear or orange in colour.  Curacao adds a lovely citrus flavour to your favorite cocktail because it is infused with citrus peels.


I often substitute 7Up or Sprite for the simple syrup and soda in this recipe.  It’s just a bit faster than making my own sugar syrup mixture.  The blue curacao gives this drink it’s signature colour but is totally optional.

Simply omit the curacao for a more traditional mojito drink.  Traditional mojito ingredients that I like to have stocked are: white rum, lime, fresh mint, sugar and soda water.

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