Free Pumpkin Carving Face Stencils

Green Cutlery

These free printable pumpkin face stencils are super helpful when carving a Jack-o-lantern.  Simply download and print each face for hours of creating fun!

These halloween pumpkin stencils would be fun for the kids to choose from and carve with as a Halloween activity this year.  Use a serrated knife or pumpkin carving tool to cut out the jack o lantern faces to decorate the front porch.

It’s easy to download, print and color these Halloween stencils.  Rather than use them to carve with, kids could color the entire sheet. The hard part for me would be choosing what to color with…. markers, pencils crayons, or watercolor pencil crayons?!

This free pumpkin stencil is great for any skill level with a little help. Use this pumpkin carving template on a fake or real pumpkin.

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