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20+ Hand and Foot Print Crafts

hand and foot print crafts

We absolutely love hand and foot print crafts around here!  There are so many fun ways to use little hands and feet to create unique works of art.  

These ideas are a great way to remember just how small our kids are and would make great gifts for grandparents too!  Check out all of these Hand and Foot Print Crafts…

Giant list of Hand & Foot Print Crafts:

Alphabet Handprint Art Printables

These free printable alphabet handprint templates are awesome! They make creating handprint art super easy.

Patriotic Handprint Craft Printables

We love to use these patriotic handprint templates for Fourth of July celebrations!

Free Campfire Handprint Art Printable

Use this free printable campfire template to create a handprint campfire!

Birthday Handprint Art Printable Templates

These Birthday Handprint Art Printable Templates are perfect for getting creative with the kids!  

Bug Handprint Art Templates

Bug handprint art is always a fun idea!

St Patricks Day Handprint Templates

Get crafty this spring with these St Patricks Day Handprint Art Templates!

Free ABC Footprint Art Printable

Alphabet footprint crafting is made easy with these free printables!

Christmas Quote Handprint Art Printables

We love, love, love these darling hand and foot print templates for Christmas!

Fall Handprint Art Printables

Get crafty this fall with these Fall Handprint Printable Templates!

Thanksgiving Handprint Templates

This Thanksgiving handprint art would be fun to make with the grandkids!

Monster Handprint Art Printables

Celebrate Halloween by creating fun Monster Handprint Art!

20+ Hand and Footprint Crafts

Footprint Dinosaur – Crafty Morning

20+ Hand and Footprint Crafts

Lion – Meet the Dubiens

Footprint Butterfly Plant Pot

Footprint Butterfly – Mama Papa Bubba 

Footprint Horse Painting

Footprint Horse – Fun Handprint Art

Chewbacca painted footprint

Chewbacca Footprint – The Pinterested Parent

20+ Hand and Footprint Crafts

Spiderman Handprint – Messy Little Monster

20+ Hand and Footprint Crafts

Handprint Sunshine – Cam and Isaiah created a few of these painting with my help this year.  we gifted them to their preschool teacher because she is a huge fan on the song “You are My Sunshine.  Both of the boys grandmas got a copy of this painting too.  The boys had a blast making them and especially loved getting paint all over their hands!  Check out the full sunshine painting driftwood craft tutorial.

Elephant hand print art

Elephant – Baby Cakes

20+ Hand and Footprint Crafts

Rabbit – Crafty Morning

Monsters Inc handprint art

Monsters Inc – I Heart Arts N Crafts

20+ Hand and Footprint Crafts

Goldfish – Little Critters

20+ Hand and Footprint Crafts

Giraffe – Handprint Creations 

20+ Hand and Footprint Crafts

Peacock – The Spotted Owl

20+ Hand and Footprint Crafts

This butterfly print painting was a favorite hand and foot print craft of mine.  It was create with our foster daughter as a gift for her grandmother who’s favorite colour was green.  So we combined our foster daughters love for the colour pink and butterflies with a touch of green accents for grandma.  Check out the full butterfly hand print painting tutorial.  I loved having the opportunity to craft with a little girl for a change.

20+ Hand and Footprint Crafts

Dragon – Handprint Creations

Koala Bear footprint Art

Koala Footprint – Baby Blog

20+ Hand and Footprint Crafts

Handprint Flamingo – Glued to My Crafts

20+ Hand and Footprint Crafts

Footprint Unicorn – Fun Handprint Art

Handprint Orca

Handprint Orca – Beadreaming

Handprint duck craft

Mallard Duck – Crafty Morning

20+ Hand and Footprint Crafts

Footprint Raccoon – The Pinterested Parent

There are so many absolutely brilliant ways to use hand and foot print crafts!  And the kids totally love creating them because honestly who doesn’t like getting messy with paint every once in awhile?!  Do you have a favorite hand or foot print craft?  Please share with us…

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