20+ Painted Clay Pot Ideas

These painted clay pot ideas are great for crafting with the kids or creating fun home decor. With over twenty awesome tutorials, you’re sure to find something cute and colorful to create!

Painted Clay Pot Ideas

Today, I want to share a bunch of super cute painted clay pot craft ideas with you. These projects are quick and easy to make, make great gifts, and are a really fun way to spend time with your littles.

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I love to craft with the kids and create darling little arts and crafts that they can gift to grandparents or teachers. These clay plant pot crafts are the perfect starting point!

All of the supplies you might need can easily be found at craft stores or in your own personal craft room stash. Now let’s get started and turn some plain clay pots into adorable home decor!

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Painted Pot Supplies:

Plant Pot Turtle Craft Process

Tips and tricks:

  • Be sure to protect your work area, especially when working with smaller children. A drop cloth or plastic tablecloth is really helpful and can be used on the ground or over a table. Keep a damp cloth on hand for quick cleanup too.
  • Whatever kind of paint you use, make sure to have plenty of different colors on hand.
  • Because terracotta is porous, using a primer on your pots first can help save them from soaking up so much paint later.
Plant Pot Frog Craft Process
  • Add a layer of protection to any project that is going to be kept in an outdoor space. A great way to do this is to use a specialty patio paint or to seal your project with a spray shellac.
  • To get straight lines when painting, try using painter’s tape or a rubber band. This technique is the best for creating really precise geometric shapes.
  • One of the cheapest ways to build up your stock of craft supplies is to shop end-of-season sales. Your favorite dollar store is another budget friendly option.

Painted pot craft ideas:

Plant Pot Turtle Craft

This adorable turtle craft is so fun to make. With a few mini plant pots, acrylic paint, and craft scraps, you can create a darling turtle!

Wouldn’t it be perfect sitting in an herb garden?

Plant Pot Frog Craft

This darling plant pot frog is a great project for your next crafting day. Start with a terracotta flower pot, give it a few coats of paint, add details, and you have created a cute frog!

Try using a paint pen, or even nail polish, for adding facial features.

Plant Pot Bee Craft

This cute bee craft is such a simple design. Bring new life to old pots or use new ones.

All it takes is a little paint and a few extra bits and bobs to create these darling plant pot bees! You’ll have so much fun, you’ll definitely want to make an entire hive full!

Plant Pot Pumpkin Craft

Looking for the perfect addition to your fall or Thanksgiving decor? This plant pot pumpkin craft is perfect.

Use traditional colors or step outside the box with an atypical color scheme. You can even add glitter! There are no rules.

how to make a clay plant pot

Learn how to make this cute clay succulent pot using air dry clay! No oven or kiln is needed. Isn’t that awesome?!

Paint these pretty pots in vibrant colors, give them a matte finish, or get fancy and try metallic paint or even gold foil.

I hope you have enjoyed all these fun DIY ideas! Which one is your favorite?

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