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Easy Holiday Ribbon Pick Tutorial (Christmas Hack)

Learn how to effortlessly create stunning holiday ribbon picks with this Christmas hack. Elevate your festive decor in minutes with this tutorial!

Holiday Ribbon Pick Tutorial

Have you ever made a holiday ribbon pick?   Today I am sharing my Christmas tree and these gorgeous Holiday Ribbon Picks that I created to add a sense of whimsy to my tree this year. 

I also made this DIY Tree Collar for under $5!  Be sure to check it out but first, let me show you how to create your own holiday ribbon pick!

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I was holiday shopping with my friend Holly when we walked into Pier 1 and were completely inspired by the ribbon picks that were filling the Christmas displays there.  We loved how unique they looked and the texture they created in all of the displays. 

Holiday Ribbon Pick Tutorial

The only problem was the cost of each pick.  At $8 each there was no way that Holly or I could afford to fill our own trees at home.  So we decided to DIY and headed straight to Michaels.  

How to make holiday ribbon picks:

Holiday Ribbon Pick Tutorial

I chose to create a few different picks using red, gingham and gold sparkle ribbon. Each of our holiday ribbon picks cost less than $1.25 to create!

Holiday Ribbon Pick Tutorial

I made over 40 picks to add to my Christmas tree this year.  Purchasing them from a store is just not budget friendly.

Holiday Ribbon Pick Tutorial

Here’s what you need to do to create your own ribbon picks…

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Materials needed for this tutorial:

Holiday Ribbon Pick Tutorial


1. Glue the berries, pine needles, pine cones etc. to the end of a wooden skewer. 

2. Use masking tape (or floral tape) to attach the skewers together. 

I repurposed old holiday decor and found pinecones from my yard to create many of these.  I cut apart a holiday garland to reuse the berries and pine boughs. 

Holiday Ribbon Pick Tutorial

3. Cut ribbon to 10-12″ lengths and trim one end to create a decorative edge. 

4. Glue the unfinished edge of 2-3 pieces of ribbon to the wooden skewer. 

5. Curl and pull the ribbon up from the skewer. 

6. Place into your holiday decor for an easy splash of colour and texture.

Holiday Ribbon Pick Tutorial

I absolutely love the pop that these give my tree!  It looks fuller and more festive.  This is such a unique way to add ribbon to your tree as well.

Holiday Ribbon Pick Tutorial
Holiday Ribbon Pick Tutorial

This was my tree BEFORE adding our Holiday Ribbon Picks. And after adding our curly ribbon!

Christmas tree with ribbon picks

These holiday ribbon picks were seriously so fun to make!  Holly and I spent a few crafty hours together and saved a lot of money on our exceptionally gorgeous Christmas tree decor.

Our Hand Crafted Christmas Tree

We’ve been coated in a lovely layer of snow here at home.  It snowed only a few days after Halloween and while I have been personally listening to Christmas carols long before that, the snow helped to kick my holiday cheer into full swing! 

How to Make a Decorative Ribbon Pick

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