The Best Supplies For Printable Projects

Here’s what you need to create awesome printables at home or in the classroom. These are the best supplies for printable projects!

Best Supplies For Printable Projects

We are always using printable downloads around here, whether it be for preschool programs, boredom busters for the school aged kiddos or pretty gift tags for a friend, printables are a staple in our home. So today I wanted to share some of our must haves for printable projects.

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Before starting any printable craft, design or work book be sure to set yourself up for success with some of our favorite printable tools. This is our essential product list for making great printable projects!

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Your Printer:

The printer that you use to print out each printable sheet is of the utmost importance. Without a good printer your images may appear grainy, unfinished and low quality.

Selecting a good printer can be daunting but after lots of research and trial and error, I have the best at-home printer for the job!

This Canon Pixma Inkjet Printer is my favorite for printing out all of my printables, even the full color ones. Here’s why:

  • Coming in at under $100, it’s a great value!
  • The quality of the print job is just as good as the higher end models we’ve used.
  • Ink for this Canon printer is easily refillable or purchased at your local Walmart.
  • It is easy to set up and use wirelessly with your smart phone or computer.

The model that I’ve linked above is newer than my current printer but has the same great quality. I’ve had my Canon Pixma Inkjet printer for five years now and it’s still going strong!

Full Ink Cartridges:

The most important thing about printer ink is that you have some. It never fails that I go to print a project and I am out of ink or it has dried up from lack of use.

Be sure to keep a supply of ink on hand in both black and color. It’s also important to know the make and model of your printer so that you purchase the correct ink for your machine.

Tip: save the make and model of your printer OR the specific number on the ink cartridge to your phone so that you can easily look it up next time you need to purchase ink.

The Canon Pixma Inkjet Printer uses XL dual cartridges which I like because they last longer and don’t need to be replaced as often. Always order the XL cartridges if you are able, they will contain a larger volume of ink, making them last longer.

Canon XL Black Ink

Canon XL Color Ink

Paper Quality:

The paper quality required will depend on the type of project that you are creating. Determine what the purpose of your printable project is before selecting a paper to use.

The Best Supplies For Printable Projects


A thermal laminator is a great tool to have for printable projects! It allows you to preserve your printed sheet to use over and over again.

Laminating is especially great for preschool printables or templates! I love my trusty Scotch Thermal Laminator because it’s super easy to use and has been in my home for over ten years.

Scotch Thermal Laminator – this model is newer than the one that I have but uses the same two roller system for simple laminating.

Clear Thermal Laminating Sheets (9×11.5) – these are perfect for preserving printer paper and comptible with most laminators. These basic laminating sheets help protect and preserve your projects! You can also find Scotch brand sheets at Walmart.

More Recommendations:

There are a few more things that I like to have in my home office to make printing easy.

  • Duotang folders are great for creating activity books. I have used them to create work books for nearly every subject. They help to make organizing printable packs easy!
  • This rolling storage cart is awesome for keeping everything organized. You could use this sturdy metal one as an all-in-one printing station. Simply place the printer on top with the paper and supplies in the drawers below.
  • A Fiskars paper cutter is a great tool for cutting and trimming printables. This is the one that I have had for years and surpisingly, the blade has lasted a long time without getting dull. They are easy to replace regardless.

Now that we are set with all of the best printable project tools, lets get creative! Be sure to check out our giant Printable Library for more great resources!

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