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20+ Painted Rock Crafts

painted rock crafts

Painted rock crafts make the perfect summer time activity! Our kids love to collect rocks during our many travels into the great outdoors. 

I actually pack acrylic paints wherever we go (and especially on camping trips!) so that they can get creative anytime they want. 

Be sure to look for flat, unpolished rocks as they make the best surface for painting. And invest in some fine tip paint brushes or paint markers for the smaller details. Today I have rounded up over twenty easy peasy painted rock crafts…

20+ easy painted rock crafts:

First you need to start with some rocks, clearly! I really like these flat river rocks for painting from Amazon. It can sometimes be hard to find the perfect flat rocks for craft projects so these rocks make it easy! 

But if you want to go out rock hunting just be sure to wash the rocks that you find thoroughly before using them for your project.

Star Wars Rock Photo Holders

We love these Star Wars Rock Photo Holders – a great way to display photos of the whole family!

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This Rainbow Mix & Match Painted Rock Craft is great for preschoolers. This easy rock craft uses bright colors for sorting activity that is perfect for younger children.

zombie rock craft

How freaking adorable is this Zombie painted rock?! It’s a great idea for Halloween this year.

strawberry rock craft

These painted rock strawberries would make lovely garden markers! I love creative ways to add pops of color to your garden decor like this.

spider rock craft

This rock spider craft just might be my favorite! Simple rock crafts are a fun way to get creative with the kids.

This painted rock camper would be a huge hit around here! We love Vintage Camper crafts like this – perfect for the fairy garden!

More painted rock crafts:

20+ Painted Rock Crafts

Penguins are so much fun to create with smooth rocks and white paint.

Plant markers are the perfect use of painted rocks! I love that you can just paint the markers and set them out in the garden to identify what you have growing. Hopefully these painted rock plant markers wont run with the rain or move in the wind like other markers might.

Chewbacca Painted Rock

This Chewbacca Painted Rock is definitely a fun rock favorite!

20+ Painted Rock Crafts

These Owl rocks are freaking adorable! These would be so fun to create for a little girls birthday party or sleepover.

20+ Painted Rock Crafts

Patterned painted mandala rocks are absolutely gorgeous! Make these ones using acrylic paint pens or markers.

20+ Painted Rock Crafts

These Sheep are adorable and make a great addition to rock projects!

20+ Painted Rock Crafts

These painted fish fish rocks are gorgeous! I would love to see them displayed in a sunlit window or garden.

How fun is this painted house?! Look for rocks with unique shapes so that you play off of that in your design ideas. 

Sketch your designs onto the rock with a pencil before painting using acrylic paint. Create your own rocks using smooth stones and paint.

20+ Painted Rock Crafts

Line drawing would be a beautiful addition to some rocks. If you have a child that loves to doodle simply give them a paint pen and some rocks!

These simple painted monster rocks are so, so adorable! This would make the perfect kid craft for larger groups because of the simplicity.

20+ Painted Rock Crafts

More Fish rock art ideas for different looks make great gifts!

20+ Painted Rock Crafts

Hearts can be perfectly painted whether your rock is heart shaped or not! These decorative rocks would be a fun project for Valentines day.

20+ Painted Rock Crafts

Dominoes are fun and easy to create with kids of all ages for summer camp!

20+ Painted Rock Crafts

Monster Magnets with googly eyes are perfect for any skill level.

20+ Painted Rock Crafts

Wild Animals make beautiful rocks!

20+ Painted Rock Crafts

Bees are frugal fun for everyone!

20+ Painted Rock Crafts

Garden Markers are great rock garden markers for those with a green thumb.

20+ Painted Rock Crafts

Turquoise owls are a great craft! Who wants to make these painted rocks for me?! Seriously!

20+ Painted Rock Crafts

Owls are some of the best rock painting ideas. Cute and colorful and the perfect rock craft for kids!

20+ Painted Rock Crafts

Volkswagons are the best!

20+ Painted Rock Crafts

This little rock Family is too cute! I love how many different ways each family member could be painted.

20+ Painted Rock Crafts

Story Stones are fun to make and play with too. They would be awesome kindness rocks to give to friends and family!

Which of these painted rock crafts would you do first?  

If you love these painted rock craft ideas please help me share them on Facebook and Pinterest so that others can enjoy them too!

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Thank you very much for including my story stones!

These are great! Going to paint them with our grand daughter. Thank you!

I’m adding this to our summer fun activities list. Thank you!

Do I have to varnish the finished rock?

Lovsueklimek6@gmail.come the stones! I am doing some now too , however, they do not look as good as yours! But it is fun and keeps me out of trouble.

I love this site. Such inspiring designs.

Fabulous website! Would love to subscribe but there seems to be a problem with the system…

Love the rock designs. I do have a problem with paint coming off rocks when I use a pencil design. Is there a way to prevent this until I am done. Plus some of the colors will not show on the rocks?

Love the rock designs. I do have a problem with paint coming off rocks when I use a pencil design. Is there a way to prevent this until I am done. Plus some of the colors will not show on the rocks?

These are adorable!! Thanks so much for the great ideas!! :)