DIY Tin Can Robot Craft

diy tin can robot craft

This do-it-yourself tin can robot craft is the perfect boredom buster for kids. Simply grab a can, glue, magnets and metal fixtures to start creating unique robots today!

tin can robot craft

Hey friends!  Today I have a do-it-yourself kid craft for you that is perfect for spring break.  If you are looking for a good boredom buster for the kids then you have come to the right place!  These DIY Tin Can Robots are easy and totally fun to make.

DIY Tin Can Robot

My favorite kind of craft is one that uses supplies that can be found around the house.  The only thing that you may need to purchase is this X-Treme School Glue from Elmer’s.  It is perfect for this project because it is even stronger than regular school glue and provides a very secure bond for all of the robot parts.

How to make this tin can robot craft:

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DIY Tin Can Robot


Elmer’s X-Treme School Glue

Elmer’s Magnetic Buttons

Clean, empty tin cans

Various metal parts (nuts, bolts, fasteners, brackets etc.)


DIY Tin Can Robot

I made chili recently and was sure to keep a few of the various sized cans with Tin Can Robots in mind.  Before handing this project over to the kids I rinsed the cans well and glued the lids back on to help protect little fingers from sharp edges.

DIY Tin Can Robot


1. Rinse out cans and glue lids back on (adult help required)

2. Glue metal parts to magnets using Elmer’s X-Treme School Glue and allow to dry completely.

3. Create unique, funny and silly robot friends by simply sticking the magnetic features to a tin can.


DIY Tin Can Robot

With so many different metal features, the possibilities are endless!  Try glueing other craft supplies to the magnets for a whole new look.  Pom poms, feathers, pipe cleaners, googlie eyes and popsicle sticks would be totally fun too!


DIY Tin Can Robot

What fun feature would you add to a Tin Can Robot?

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Crafting essentials for kid crafts:

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