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Free Paper Airplane Printables

Get ready for high-flying fun with our free paper airplane printables! Download, fold, and launch your way into hours of creative entertainment.

Paper Airplane Printable with instructions for folding a plane.

These free Paper Airplane Printables are great for keeping the kids busy. Simply download and print the design sheets for hours of creative fun!

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Paper Airplane Activity Printables

Each of these free design sheets can be saved directly to your computer by right clicking on the image and selecting “save”. Or you can download the complete package of PDF files using the form at the bottom of this post.

Paper Airplane Printable with instructions for folding a rocket.

Each of these printable folding sheets makes it easy for kids to fold and create their own paper planes, paper boats and paper cars. These make the best paper airplanes because of the basic design.

Children need only one sheet of paper and these printable patterns to create a classic paper airplane. They simply fold the piece of paper along the dotted lines to make a simple glider. A paper clip may be added to the nose of the plane for extra durability.

Paper Airplane Printable with instructions for folding a sailboat.

It’s easy to download and print these free paper airplane templates. The hard part for me would be choosing which one to make first!

This fun design could be cut out and glued to construction paper to make it more durable guide to use over and over again. Origami is a great hands on activity that is sure to keep older children engaged.

Paper Airplane Printable with instructions for folding an england flyer.

I have included four different paper airplane designs as well as printable instructions for boats and cars too! These could be used to fold awesome paper airplanes or as a fun coloring page for kids to enjoy.

Fun ways to use activity printables

  • Create a coloring and activity book 
  • Paint the printable, frame it and give to a friend
  • Complete the activities solo or with family
  • Print the activity sheets and laminate them so that they can be reused
  • Use them as a fun activity at your next party or event 
Paper Airplane Printable with instructions for folding a boat.

This activity worksheet is perfect for children to use to create a paper boat with. Test it out in the water this spring!

Paper Airplane Printable with instructions for folding a yacht.

It would be fun to have kids cut this out and use it to create a yacht with!

Paper Airplane Printable with instructions for folding a steam ship.

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Essentials for printable projects

Be sure to check out all of my favorite supplies for printable projects in this post!

Paper Airplane Printable with instructions for folding a jet.

The best way to utilize these free paper plane printables is to print them off and make them into little booklets to share and use as inspiration. I like to hole punch the pages and place them into duotangs because then they can be used over and over again!

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Free Paper Airplane Printables

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I have no idea how to print these ?

In the end, none of this is printable and once I registered the airplane template with designs on them are gone. ???? This is actually click-bait with wall-to-wall advertising and offers nothing.

we have just followed the instruction and printed out the airplanes and are off to see who can fly furthest