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Holiday Mason Jar Lid Wreath

holiday mason jar lid wreath

This pretty wreath is so fun for the holidays! With a bit of ribbon and washi tape it’s easy to create a holiday mason jar lid wreath.

mason jar lid holiday wreath

I actually have an over abundance of mason jar lids from all of the canning that I do.  So YAY for a project that uses them up and helps to make me feel a little less guilty about my non-canning this year *wink*.  Let me show you how to make your own holiday mason jar lid wreath…

Holiday Mason Jar Lid Wreath

This mason jar lid holiday wreath is seriously one of my absolute favorites so far.  I am in love with the colour scheme and it doesn’t get much better than a craft with a bit of washi tape and mason jar lids!

How to create a holiday mason jar lid wreath:

This is an easy project that even the most craft-shy person can do, promise!  I originally posted the tutorial over on Kristen’s blog, Capturing Joy.  It was inspired by the fabulous Jen of Tatertots and Jello, who shared a Halloween version a few years ago.  Awesome sauce all around.  Lets get started shall we?

Holiday Mason Jar Lid Wreath


  • about 25 mason jar lids
  • washi tape
  • twine
  • ribbon

I love this assortment of washi tape that I used because the red and turquoise colours really compliment each other.  Most of this washi tape found at Target or Michaels.

Holiday Mason Jar Lid Wreath

Wrap the washi tape around the outside if each of the mason jar lids.  I wanted to make sure that the tape was secure so I added a dab of hot glue to the ends of the washi tape to keep it in place.

Holiday Mason Jar Lid Wreath

When all of the lids are wrapped use the twine to tie all of the lids together and embellish with ribbon.  See!?  Easy right?  You’ve totally got this!

Holiday Mason Jar Lid Wreath

The deer are my favorite obviously because I am a self proclaimed reindeer obsessed crafter here.  “Hello, my name is Heather and I have a small reindeer problem…”  Crafts like this reindeer embroidery hoop ornament, wooden reindeer ornament and reindeer alphabet block.

Holiday Mason Jar Lid Wreath

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My holiday crafting essentials:

Do you have a wreath on the front door?  If so, what kind?  Crafted or store bought?  If you make a holiday mason jar lid wreath please share with me.  I would love to see it!

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