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Plants vs Zombies Chomper Costume

plants vs zombies chomper costume

Today I am sharing the tutorial for this totally authentic purple Plants vs Zombies Chomper Costume.

Halloween costume planning begins early for us as we start to plan for October birthdays and often like to coordinate our costumes with the birthday party theme.  This year the boys requested a Plants vs Zombies birthday party and therefor, Plants vs Zombies costumes!  Today I am sharing the tutorial for this totally authentic purple Plants vs Zombies Chomper Costume.

Plants vs Zombies Chomper Costume

Plants vs Zombies is a popular video game that our whole family loves!  Cameron chose to be a purple chomper plant while Isaiah asked to be a zombie with a cone head.  Last week I shared the tutorial for this Plants vs Zombies Cone Head Zombie Costume so be sure to check it out!

Plants vs Zombies Chomper Costume

The main focus of this Plants vs Zombies chomper costume is the large chomper head.  It is lightweight and easy to create!  I wanted to make something that would be comfortable for Cam to wear all day long and not heavy or awkward.

Plants vs Zombies Chomper Costume

Supplies that you will need:

two plastic bowls

duct tape

hot glue gun

green felt (aff link)

purple felt (aff link)

light purple felt (aff link)

green pool noodle

white foam core board


How to make this Plants vs Zombies Chomper Costume:

Plants vs Zombies Chomper Costume

1: cut a hole from the bottom of one bowl big enough to fit a head through.  Tape the bowls together to form a large mouth shape.

Plants vs Zombies Chomper Costume

2: reinforce the bowls with hot glue.  Line the cut edge of the bowl with duct tape.

Plants vs Zombies Chomper Costume

3: cover the entire head with purple felt using hot glue to affix the felt to the bowls.  I cut and folded the felt as needed.

Plants vs Zombies Chomper Costume

4: cut the pool noodle in half length wise then cut the halves all the way down the length of the noodle just to the center (creating a slit).  Fit the pool noodle “lips” to the mouth, trim off excess noodle and hot glue the noodle in place.

Plants vs Zombies Chomper Costume

5: use the excess pieces of noodle to create spikes and glue them to the back of the head.

Plants vs Zombies Chomper Costume

6: cut the foam core board into triangles.  Cut slits into the pool noodle and glue the triangle teeth into place around the mouth.

Plants vs Zombies Chomper Costume

7:  cut circles out of light purple felt and glue onto the head.  Create a leaf collar with the green felt.  Purchase a purple top and pants and you are all set!

Plants vs Zombies Chomper Costume

Our finished costumes are kid approved!  The boys can’t wait to wear them on Halloween.  If you are looking for more costume ideas then you are in luck!  Be sure to scroll down and check out all of the awesome ideas that my fellow bloggers are sharing today as well!

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I love your chomper costume! My son wants to be this for Halloween so I am attempting to make it but having trouble cutting the hole in the bowl. It keeps breaking. How did you cut it? Am I missing something?


We used an exact-o knife and it worked pretty well…definitely a little tough but the costume is so awesome!

Hi! Is there a way you kept this secure on your son’s head? It’s moving all over the place. Trying to think of a way to secure it. Thanks!

We made this and it came out so awesome! I wish I could post pic. Thanks for the inspiration :)

Hi Heather,

I LOVE your design! Thank you for posting it. I’m preparing to make this for Halloween for my 6 year old son. He’s psyched. I thought I’d be able to find the perfect bowls at the dollar store or Chinatown. I haven’t found any yet. Could you tell me the dimensions of the bowls you used? (circumference or diameter at opening, circumference or diameter at base, and height? Also, were they plastic with some “give”/flexibility rather than hard acrylic? That would be easier to cut with just kitchen shears. If you bought them online, a link would be awesome. Thanks! :D

Thank you so much! Glad you had this posted with pic of each step! We looked everywhere for this costume!!

HI! Can’t wait to make this for this year for my 7 year old! Where did you manage to find the purple pants and matching top? Perfect! Thanks for any info.