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Plants vs Zombies Cone Head Zombie Costume

Transform into a menacing Cone Head Zombie with this Plants vs. Zombies costume! Featuring the iconic cone head and eerie undead details.

Plants vs Zombies Costume – Cone Head Zombie

This Plants vs Zombies cone head zombie costume is so cool! The step-by-step zombie mask instructions are super easy to follow.

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Every year we have a ton of fun coming up with creative costumes and getting into the Halloween spirit.  It is an especially awesome time of year because the boys’ birthday is at the end of October too!  This year they were determined to be Plants vs Zombies characters and celebrate with a Plants Vs Zombies Birthday Party.

Most zombie costumes are full of fake blood and special effects. This is the perfect zombie costume for a childs’ halloween party!  No gruesome zombie costume here.

Plants vs Zombies Costume – Cone Head Zombie

Zombie Costume Details:

Every year the boys challenge me to think creatively.  Just when I think that we can’t possibly top last years costumes they ask for the impossible, the complicated, the unique, the character that can’t be found in stores.  

I love that they have so much faith in me and think that I can create anything.  But sometimes I very much doubt myself and my ability.  

Zombie Costume Tutorial

When they asked for Plants vs Zombies this year I honestly tried to talk them out of it.  How about a popular choice like black cat I asked?  Or easy kids costumes like a ninja?  A ghost?  Alas, they were determined to become characters from the popular game, Plants vs Zombies.  Cam wanted to become a Chomper Plant and Isaiah, a Zombie.  How could I say no?

In years past they have had a Mario & Luigi Go Kart Costume, Angry Birds Costumes and even Star Wars Angry Bird Costumes.

Plants vs Zombies Costume – Cone Head Zombie

How to blend in with the zombie apocalypse: 

I wondered that myself and set off to find a building material for the mask that was NOT paper mache.  Have you worked with paper mache?  It’s messy, takes a ton of time to dry, is heavy and did I mention that it’s messy?  Seriously messy.  

So I wanted to avoid that at all costs.  Lucky for you (if you are here to create your own cartoon-like zombie costume) I found a brilliant light, inexpensive and not so messy material to work with and I’m sharing it with you!  Here’s how to create your own Plants vs Zombies mask…

Plants vs Zombies Costume – Cone Head Zombie

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Materials that you will need:

Two aluminum casserole pans

Duct tape

Green acrylic paint

Black acrylic paint

Paint brush

3″ styrofoam ball

2.5″ styrofoam ball

Four 1.5″ styrofoam squares

Five black pipe cleaners


Glue gun

Caution Cone

Plants vs Zombies Costume – Cone Head Zombie

How to make this Cone Head Zombie Costume:

1: Bend the corners out of the pans.  Cut a hole in the bottom third of one of the pans about 4″ by 2″.  Roll back the aluminum to form “lips” around the mouth.  Tape the two pans together to form a head shape.  Be sure to leave a large hole at the bottom.

Plants vs Zombies Costume – Cone Head Zombie

2: Cover the entire project in duct tape to smooth out all of the bumps and edges.  This replaces traditional paper mache method where paper and paste are used to smooth out the surface of a project.

Plants vs Zombies Costume – Cone Head Zombie

3:  Paint the entire thing green.

Plants vs Zombies Costume – Cone Head Zombie

4: Cut a flat spot into the back of each styrofoam ball.  Hot glue the styrofoam eyes and teeth to the head.

Plants vs Zombies Costume – Cone Head Zombie

5: Paint on black details and hot glue pipe cleaners to the head.

Plants vs Zombies Costume – Cone Head Zombie

6: Glue on the caution cone.  Add a shabby outfit from the thrift store and your Cone Head Zombie outfit is complete!

It would be fun to create a zombie bride to make this a couple costume, simply adding a long white dress and veil would work!

Plants vs Zombies Costume – Cone Head Zombie

Here’s a sneak peek of Cam’s Chomper Plant costume too.  The brilliant thing about these costumes is that the zombie masks are quite light and not heavy or awkward to carry around.  They should be comfortable enough to party all night long… and keep the kids warm… and dry!

How awesome is this cone head zombie costume?!

As a fan of the TV show, the Walking Dead, I can’t get enough zombie halloween costumes! Paired with a fun zombie walk, this would definitely win a costume contest at any of your halloween parties.

Plants vs Zombies Costume – Cone Head Zombie

Do you have costume plans for this Halloween?  If you become a Cone Head Zombie we would love to see your creation and feature it here on the blog!! Please share…

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Oh my gosh, this is so totally awesome!!!

I can’t say I’m familiar with Plants vs Zombies, but that is one awesome Halloween costume!!! Reminds me of something you would see in Beetle Juice. You are creating some very special memories for your kids. Pinning this one!

So cute and inexpensive to boot!!

Do you know what the dimensions of the pan were that you used?

is the pan super deep? I have a couple regular pans and I cant imagine how once taped together there will be room for a head in there. The sides measure 2 1/2 inches….

Love it! How did you get the duct tape so smooth I tried and have visible lines everywhere

Where did you find the caution cone?? Thanks for the instructions….very helpful….was looking for a way to avoid paper mache and this is the perfect alternative.

Thank you so much for this! I am 99% finished with the zombie head and we are quite pleased with the results. Good directions, inexpensive items…yay! Now to get started on a Jedi robe…sigh. Thanks again! I will try to post a finished project pic.

you saved our halloween. geniuss ideaa thank u a millionn for sharingg

Wow!!! Thank you. I was scared to make this but of course my son decided he wanted to be PvZ character and so attempted it. It looks good and we got so many compliments. He wanted to be the bucket head one so we stuck a bucket on the zombie instead of cone. Thanks for the super easy diy instructions and make me look like a hero to my little one!!! Much thanks again.

Just made this mask in like an hour! It was awesome! Thank you for sharing! :)

Wow, my son and husband are still obsessed with plants vs zombies. This tutorial is awesome as my husband is going to be conehead and I really hated the idea of another year of paper mache. Reading your description I felt like you were talking about me LOL. I love the halloween costume challenges my family throws at me.