Plants vs Zombies Perler Bead Zombie Patterns

Plants vs Zombies Perler Bead Zombie Patterns

Howdy!  Today is all about one of my boys favorite things, Plants vs Zombies.  This popular game is one that is often requested in our house.  Cam likes defeating Zombies and Isaiah likes growing plants.  It’s a match made in heaven!  They love Plants vs Zombies so much that they both requested Plant vs Zombie Costumes this year and have been making all sorts of Zombie perler bead patterns too!  Here are a few of their creations…

The zombie above is obviously a beacon for the others.  Or is that a balloon on his head?!  I love, love, love all of these crazy perler bead designs!

 Plants vs Zombies Perler Bead Zombie Patterns

I’m not entirely sure but I think that this is a grandpa zombie?  The pajamas and the cane kindof give me that impression.

Plants vs Zombies Perler Bead Zombie Patterns

This must be a zombie who was a ninja/medic before he turned.  I would guess that he lost his hand fighting for the nifty bucket hat that he is wearing.

Plants vs Zombies Perler Bead Zombie Patterns

This zombie was clearly confused by a character on the Lego Movie.  Seriously, where are his paaants?! 

Crafting essentials for perler bead projects:

Are your kids totally into perler beads like mine?  I am not sure when the perler bead fun will stop but I love how creative they become when the sky is the limit!  Cam even produced a perler bead video… its somewhere on my YouTube channel LOL.  Michaels has a ton of different coloured perler beads that you can buy.  The boys got tired of sorting through beads so we had to stat buying packages of just green or just flesh toned.  The buckets of multi coloured beads are perfect for keeping them busy for hours, sorting through to find specific colours though!

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