Starbucks Cup Gift Idea

starbucks cup gift idea

Little gifts like this Starbucks cup gift idea can make a persons day because they then know that you have been thinking of them.  Sometimes the smallest things can be put together and given as a token of good will for the holiday season. 

I am a huge fan of simple, easy to make gift ideas for Christmas.  Easy gifts like this don’t take a lot of time, effort or even money to create.  Let me show you how…

starbucks cup gift idea

I am often at our local Starbucks coffee shop because it’s my go-to place for getting work done.  There is just something about the atmosphere that keeps me focused and motivated to write and edit all the things involved in blogging.  So when I discovered that they were selling packs of re-useable holiday to-go cups this year I grabbed two of them, that’s twelve cups, and quickly got to work.

I love these Starbucks cups because not only are they re-useable but they are darling and festive.  They are going to make the perfect gift for all of my girlfriends, my sister and even my mom.  Seriously!  I think that covers pretty much everyone…. oh!  The boys teachers at school are totally getting these Starbucks cups for Christmas gifts too.  

What to fill t0-go cups with:

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Once you have filled each Starbucks cup with goodies simply wrap it in cellophane and decorate with a cute ribbon, bakers twine and gift tag.  I like the clear packaging because it helps to show off the cute cups beneath the wrapping.  It would be easy enough fill the cellophane bag entirely with chocolate to completely surround the cup if you wanted to. 

starbucks cup gift idea

I found the clear cellophane and snowflake embellishments at the dollar store.  These Starbucks cups would make great packaging for your next holiday baking exchange or bake sale too!  They were $15 for 6 cups so you would want to use them wisely but that price is fair for a unique gift that you can use for teachers and friends.

starbucks cup gift idea

What would you put in these cups?

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