Summer Starbucks Keto Drink Order

starbucks keto cold drink order

New to keto and wondering what your Starbuck keto cold drink order should be?!  Let me tell you how to order the perfect Starbucks Keto Iced Coffee!

We all know that I’m a bit of a Starbucks addict so when I went Keto I had to adjust my drink order accordingly.  Sugar and carbs are essentially the enemy and they are hiding everywhere, especially in your favorite Starbucks treats.  

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Starbucks Keto Cold Drink Order

Yummy Keto Cold Drink Order!

Just the other day I was blogging at my local Starbucks when I heard a customer ask the barista for a keto-friendly drink.  I literally jumped out of my seat to share this Starbucks keto cold drink order with her. 

It has taken me some time to find the perfect low carb drink at Starbucks because there are all sorts of hidden ingredients in our favorites drinks.  Most frapps and even iced coffees begin with a starter that is full of sugar water and carbs.  Even when you think your drink should only contain ice and coffee, it doesn’t.  Finding these hidden ingredients can really be a challenge and takes a bit of investigating.

Summer Starbucks Keto Drink Order

The baristas at my Starbucks are fabulous and have helped me to puzzle out what the absolute best drink order is for someone looking for the perfect summer Starbucks drink.  So here it is!  Simply grab a screen shot of this drink label or write it down.  Here’s what I ask for…

Starbucks Keto Cold Drink Order:

  • Grande Iced Coffee
  • No Classic (this is the sugar water starter that has hidden carbs)
  • Two Pumps of Sugar-Free Vanilla Syrup (or SF Cinnamon Dolche)
  • Heavy Cream (or Breve)
  • Light Ice (so its not full of ice but still stays cold)

This drink will contain a total of 4 carbs when ordered this way.  Two carbs for the syrup (one carb per pump) and two carbs for the cream (one carb per tablespoon).  I snapped a few photos of the nutritional information on both the Heavy Cream and Breve at my local Starbucks.  Both contain one carb per one tablespoon so you can decide which to use according to your taste.  It’s a good idea to avoid frapps all together because the base that is used to make the drink creamy is twelve carbs alone (and that’s the light base that is currently being discontinued)!  Yikes.

Summer Starbucks Keto Drink Order

Starbucks Heavy Cream

Summer Starbucks Keto Drink Order

Starbucks Breve (half and half creamer)

Starbucks Keto Cold Drink Order

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So that’s it my friends!  How I still enjoy my Starbucks addiction during the summer while keeping it Keto and low carb.  Be sure to check out my Starbucks Keto Hot Drink Order too! Do you have any other tips or a favorite cold drink order?  Please share!

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I ordered this today thanks to your post! I’ve been on keto for 2 weeks and was just brave enough to hit a Starbucks. Thank you! I’ll be ordering this again.

Hi! I used my mobile app and ordered a grande iced coffee + no classic syrup+Light Ice+2 pumps of SF Vanilla Syrup+ splash of heavy cream and the nutritional list is saying this is 80 calories, 20G of carbs and 20 G of sugar….am i doing something wrong to not get the 4 G of carbs you are stating?