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Camping Scavenger Hunt Printables

camping photo scavenger hunt for preschoolers

These camping scavenger hunt printables are great for keeping kids busy while exploring the great outdoors during your next camping trip!

We love spending as much time outside as we can.  With spring well on its way, I wanted to share these scavenger hunt activities with you guys today.  If you are looking for even more ideas, I have shared this Nature Scavenger Hunt Ideas round up in the past.  This is such a fun and easy way to keep the kids busy in the fresh air for a little while.

Camping Scavenger Hunt Printables:

As a children’s program coordinator, I used scavenger hunts all the time in my activity planning.  They can be useful in pairing up older children with younger children to work on together or using as an individual activity.  I am sharing two versions of a nature scavenger hunt that you can easily print out for the kids.  One is a checklist and meant for older, school aged kids.  The other is a scavenger hunt that uses nature photos and would be better suited to children in preschool.

camping scavenger hunt school aged

Have the kids simply find each item and check it off of the list or collect items in a container to bring inside and examine more closely.  I love these plastic storage containers (affiliate link) for our nature collections but empty egg cartons work great too!

More scavenger hunt ideas:

  • shells
  • insects
  • worms
  • moss
  • grass
  • nuts
  • seeds
  • animals
  • tracks

Look for:

  • different colours
  • soft or hard textures
  • shapes
  • variety of sizes
  • number of birds or animals
  • signs of humans

The ideas are almost endless!  We often use these scavenger hunts when we’re out camping.  It’s the perfect boredom buster activity when out in the woods.  The boys bring their discoveries back to camp and we explore and discuss what they found.  Sometimes we make it a competition to see who can find all of the items the quickest.  Complete with prizes!

What else would you have on your Camping Scavenger Hunt list?

Print out the checklist for older children or the photos for preschoolers:

Download the Camping Photo Scavenger Hunt

Download the Camping Checklist Scavenger Hunt

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