Easy Laundry Room Makeover

laundry room makeover

This easy laundry room makeover was well overdo in my home.  After the great used washer flood of 2016, it was time for an update!  Let me show you what it looked like before…

Long story sort, I was sold a faulty used washer five years ago that flooded my laundry room.  The company refused to cover the cost so I have lived with a torn apart laundry room for years!  This year I decided to tackle this neglected space and I am so thrilled with how it turned out.

laundry room makeover

I have so many tips & tricks that made updating this space super easy!  The first was to enlist in the help of my contractor boyfriend who did all of the plumbing and venting for me so that we could start the project up to code.

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laundry room makeover

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Decorative elements to consider:

laundry room makeover

I purchased new base cabinets, preassembled from Home Depot as well as a new, front loading, washer and dryer.  The bamboo countertop and shelving are from Rona.

This adds a tremendous amount of storage to the space which was desperately needed in my home!  The cabinets now house extra food supplies, laundry supplies and backpacking gear.

Laundry room disaster

I am embarrassed to say that this is basically what it looked like for years.  The company dealing with the flood ripped out the old cabinets and counter top and I was left with a few makeshift shelves.

laundry room makeover

You’ll notice that I no longer have a laundry sink in this space.  I never used it, so while the plumbing is all there inside the cabinetry, I chose to keep the countertop and cabinet space over having a sink.  I love having the extra space for folding clothes!

Laundry room disaster

This is what the space looked like before.  The plumbing and venting needed to be repaired beyond my duct taping abilities.  So grateful that I had someone who could do this for me.  He also installed the cabinets and countertops which was no small feet considering the wonky walls in this room!

I finally replaced the one ceiling tile that had been removed by a contractor years ago.  What a difference having a finished ceiling makes!

laundry room makeover

Tips for a Laundry Room Makeover:

  1. Keep the color scheme and decor neutral in a small space.  
  2. Utilize cupboards, countertops and shelving for storage.
  3. Ask for help with bigger projects like plumbing and cabinetry.
laundry room makeover

This space in the room is one of my favorites!  This narrow shelf that I found on Marketplace is perfect for all of my canning supplies.  I love that they all fit on the shelf perfectly and that it’s in an area that was previously not used at all.

laundry room makeover

This is looking at the garage door where I hang all of our backpacking packs.  I still need to finish replacing the baseboard in a couple of spots but other than that, I’m calling this laundry room makeover done!

laundry room makeover

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