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How to Create Geometric Animal Art

how to create geometric animal art

Learn how to create geometric animal art today! Creating personalized art work can really help to make a house feel like a home.  One of my favorite pieces on our Gallery Wall is this geometric drawing that I created to represent our beloved Cocker Spaniel, Max.  It is super easy to make your own geometric animal image!  Let me show you how to create geometric animal art…

how to create geometic animal artwork

How to create this geometric animal artwork:

How to Create Geometric Animal Art

First you need to start with a black and white image of your animal.  Be sure to print off something that has high contrast.  This will help you to outline and determine the shape of your image.

How to Create Geometric Animal Art

Trace a straight edged outline of the animal in pencil.  You can use a light table or window to see through the paper to the original picture.  I taped the black and white printed image to my window then traced overtop of it onto a blank sheet of paper.

How to Create Geometric Animal Art

Next, using a ruler and thin sharpie draw the outline again.  Create 3-5 dots within you outlined image.  These will be your points of interest.  From these draw straight lines with the ruler and sharpie to intersections on the outline and within the body of your image.  If you are unsure of this step try playing around with pencil first and tracing over your lines in sharpie when you are happy with the image.  There is no right or wrong way to do this, simply trust your instincts and work with the image until you come up with something pleasing to your eye.

Final steps:

How to Create Geometric Animal Art

Erase any pencil marks and you are essentially done.  You can scan and print your image if you want to but it’s not necessary.  I scanned the image that I made, boosted the contrast in my photo editing software and created this FREE Geometric Spaniel Printable.  Now you can download this spaniel printable or create customized geometric animal art of your very own!

How to Create Geometric Animal Art

How to Create Geometric Animal Art

I love how this print turned out!  It is one of the more subtle elements of our Gallery Wall that adds a ton of personality.  Creating a gallery wall of this magnitude is really very easy especially if you follow my how to create a gallery wall post for tips and ideas.

How to Create Geometric Animal Art

What animal would you choose to create geometrically?  I would love to see it!  And if this how to create geometric animal art post helped, please let me know…

How to Create Geometric Animal Art

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I want geometrical animals and bird’s drawing

Thank you for sharing your instructions…I just saw some wonderful geo art on Etsy and would like to do some of my own. It looks like so much fun.

Dear madam,

Is it possible that i can ask you to draw a geometric jumping horse for me?

Please could you do objects as well like: a Christmas wreath or a house. Thanks.