Small Dog Bed Free Crochet Pattern

Free Crochet Dog Bed Pattern

This dog bed crochet pattern is perfect for your small dog.  It’s an easy crochet pattern that’s absolutely free and whips up quickly!

Our three pound long haired chihuahua, “Thunder”, loves to snuggle all curled up and take naps.  Every dog bed that I have found is often way too big for his little body so I decided to crochet him one!

This project is super simple to crochet and uses basic stitches that most beginners would find easy!  If you’re looking for more small dog crochet projects be sure to check out the crochet dog sweater pattern that I made for Thunder too. 

If you need a crochet refresher course be sure to check out my Learn To Crochet – a Complete Beginner Guide eBOOK!

crochet dog bed pattern

My favorite kind of crochet patterns are ones that work up quickly and can be completed in an evening.  Like this Crochet Headband Pattern, this Crochet Flower Pattern and this fun Crochet Slipper Pattern.

crochet dog bed pattern

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Supplies needed for this dog bed:

crochet dog bed pattern

My crafting essentials for crochet projects:

  • I love using this Vannas Choice yarn for soft silky projects every time.
  • These crochet hooks are ideal for using with all sizes of yarn.
  • This crochet kit is perfect for the beginner because everything you need to start is included.
  • This lovely yarn tote makes traveling with your crochet project both stylish and easy.
crochet dog bed pattern

Small dog bed crochet pattern:

*worked in the round.

  1. Ch 7
  2. Dc 3 into the second ch st from the hook
  3. Dc into each st along the chain (5)
  4. Dc 3 into the last st (8)
  5. Dc into each st along the opposite side of the chain, ch 2 (8)
  6. Dc 2 into next 8 stitches (16), 3 dc into the next stitch, dc 2 into next 7 stitches (33), ch 2
  7. Dc 1 into first stitch, dc2 into next stitch, repeat around (51), ch 2
  8. Dc 1 into first two stitches, dc2 into next stitch, repeat around (64), ch 2
  9. Dc 1 into first three stitches, dc2 into next stitch, repeat around (77), ch 2
  10. Dc into each around (77), ch2
  11. Back loop dc into each around (77), ch2
  12. Dc into each stitch around (77), ch 2
  13. Dc into each stitch around (77), ch 2
  14. Dc into each stitch around (77), ch 2
  15. Dc into each stitch around (77), ch 2
  16. Sc into each stitch around (77), sl st to join, tie off 
crochet dog bed pattern

How adorable did this small dog crochet bed turn out you guys?!  This is Thunder’s official sleep spot in Cam’s bedroom and it fits him just perfectly!

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Hello, I am confused. Is this in the round? where do you join? do chain stitches count?

Hello. For this dog bed, step 4, if you chain 7 then skip 1, 3 dc in 2nd chain and one dc in next 5 chains, all the chains are used and there is no last “loop” to make 3 dc. ???

this pattern is impossible to follow . really wanted to make this

Hi yes, thank you. what is the answer to kellincali’s question that there are not enough loops to do the last 3dc in(#4 in instructions) , and also when you say dc5 along opposite side do you mean 1dc in each of the next five loops? because sometimes you say dc 2 in next 8 stitches meaning 2dc in each stitch

Heather this is the PERFECT size bed for Thunder! Thank you for sharing your talent with Team Creative Crafts!

Gonna try to make it for a huskies but a larger version thank u so much for the pattern

Hi there, I was just curious how many hours do you think this would take to make?

Good Morning – Found this pattern to make some beds for a shelter. I am confused if this is made in the round, why do we *ch2* before the next round without a slip stitch to join the round.

Did you have testers for this pattern? I have several questions as I would love to make this but find this pattern difficult to follow.
1. Same question as other commenters below, but should we not start off with chain 8 instead of chain 7?
2. Can you confirm the number of stitches we should have at the end of each round? The jump from 51 to 64 is too small based on my numerous attempts and does not yield a base that lays flat.
3. Most patterns worked in the round slip stitch together at the end of each round. If that is not the case here, why are we chaining 2? Do those contribute to our overall stitch count? If so, why is the stitch count in parenthesis listened before the ch 2 instruction?
4. In addition to #3, since slip stitching together is standard for most patterns in the round, I would recommend stating clearly at the end of each round “Do NOT slip stitch together.” Or something along those lines.
5. Would you consider posting a video tutorial? These are so helpful especially when the pattern is a bit tricky to read. We can watch how you interpret it and replicate it on our end.

Terrible pattern :(