Driftwood Wind Chime

Driftwood Wind Chime

Today I am sharing this do-it-yourself Driftwood Wind Chime.  We have been alternating between camping and swimming in the pool all month long.  So I thought we would pause for a moment to add a few embellishments to our outdoor space.  I just love how gorgeous this project turned out!  And it is super easy to create….

Driftwood Wind Chime

Here’s what you will need:

Most supplies can be found at Michaels or along the shore of your local lake or beach.  I was fortunate enough to happen upon a vendor at Creative Chaos (the largest craft fair in Western Canada) who sells all of these wind chime bits so that you can go home and create your own.  All I needed to scrounge up from my stash were some beads and twine.

Update: I bumped into the local artist who makes these at a craft fair this holiday season!  Her name is Michele and you can email her to find out what shows she may be at next (she does not ship product or do custom orders).  micheletenning@hotmail.com


five pieces of driftwood (with holes drilled through the center)

5 large ceramic beads (aff link)

12-16 small glass or plastic beads (aff link)

1 large pendant


Driftwood Wind Chime

How to make a driftwood wind chime:

1 – Lay out your design on a flat surface.  Play with the placement of your beads and driftwood.

Driftwood Wind Chime

2 – Thread the twine through the beads and driftwood.  Tie with secure knots between each piece of wood and at either end.

Driftwood Wind Chime

Once hung you have a lovely new addition to your decor!  Our boys actually absconded with this and hung it in their new tree fort.  So very cute!  My favorite of the beads is the one that says “roadtrip” which is one of our favorite activities to do as a family in the summer months.

I am now always on the lookout for little bits of driftwood on the beaches and shores to add to my crafting stash.  As soon as I have enough gathered up I am going to have the boys create a driftwood wind chime of their own.

Have you created a driftwood wind chime?  Please share – I would love to see it!

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This is been very cool to see. My mother happens to be the crafter that you bought this stuff from at creative chaos. ?

Was at creative chaos yesterday. Looking for your Mom’s business name? Wanting to buy some beads.

I’d love to buy some more of these from her. Could you share her contact info?

Great ideas Heather. I m always on the look out for craft and upside ideas. I love to make things with garage or yard sale bought jewellery and collected beach drift wood and shells. Thank you.

I found similar beads at a craft fair years ago and can’t find them again. Can you order the beads on line?

Hi. I am looking for the name of the vendor from creative chaos that sells those beads. Would you mind sharing?

This is lovely and I want to show my high school students how to make them. Does this wind chime make any noise or is there a way to adjust it so that there is some sound?