How to Paint a Playground Slide

how to paint a playground slide

Today I am sharing how to paint a playground slide.  If you have ever thought about painting your old slide then this is the post for you.  We just finished landscaping our backyard and this slide project was one of the final touches.

I love incorporating things for the kiddos in our decor.  But it’s hard to make those colorful, loud, fun, bright plastic kid accessories blend into your design.  Here’s how to paint a playground slide like we did…

How to paint a playground slide:

DIY Painted Slide

  • First off you absolutely NEED to use this Universal Paint and Primer in One from Rustoleum.  It covers any surface, from any angle and was perfect for this slide project.  I used Metallic Titanium Silver and I love the matte finish that it gave our slide.
  • Completely wash and dry the slide before painting.  I used tsp and a rag to really scrub off any of the leftover dirt and debris.  A pressure washer would have been helpful too.
  • Paint the slide using even coats of spray paint, allowing it to completely dry between coats.  I gave our slide three coats of spray paint for lasting durability.

DIY Painted Slide

About the paint…

The comfort grip nozzle and easy any direction spray was a must have for this project.  I used a total of six cans of spray paint on our 8 foot slide.  Each coat of paint dried very quickly and it took just over an hour to paint the entire slide.  I used three coats of paint on this project which I hope will be strong enough to resist significant wear or fading from multiple use.

The kids have been using it for a few weeks now with no scratches or visible wear to the paint.  We even added this Vinyl Slide Decal because making a statement is always fun!  I will update you with how the paint lasts and any wear that we may have throughout the summer.

DIY Painted Slide

I love, love, love that the slide now blends with the rest of our landscaping.  It is situated so that the kids can slide from our pool on the upper level to our deck on the lower level and I love that it is no longer the focal point because of the bright yellow colour.  Check out the before and after photos of this slide…

DIY Painted Slide

I was so excited when I met the folks from Rustoleum at SNAP because I knew that I had the perfect project for them!  They sent me a box of spray paint to test out on this project but all opinions are, as always, 100% my own.

DIY Painted Slide


I am super pleased with how long the paint has lasted on this slide!  The vinyl words that I put on it have started to peel off obviously but the paint has held up exceptionally well in the three years since I painted it.  The only chipped paint is where water tends to pool on the slide at the bottom.

DIY Painted Slide

DIY Painted Slide

If you have any questions about how to paint a playground slide please let me know.  I would love to help!

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I love that you painted the slide silver. I totally want to do this. How is the paint holding up? Does it transfer onto the kids’ clothes? We live in Louisiana, where it is quite humid and we get a lot of rain.


Did painting the slide effect the speed of the kids going down? I’m wondering if the paint increased the surface friction between kid and slide.

I had a problem with the painted slide as well. Looked great but the kids couldn’t Slide down it anymore… not slippery enough. What should I do now??? Please help

try rubbing down the slide with wax paper. it really helps. I did this on a metal slide years ago & it was great.

We are in the process of building our kids a play fort and I came across your blog when reseaching how to paint a slide. I found one cheap on Craigslist and you give me such hope! Quick question…before painting, did you have to do any prep work? Like sanding it?

Did you find painting ut made it less slick?

wonderful! Thank you!

hi i was wondering if i could use this on a slide for the pool

So the paint has flaked off!?

Have any recent pictures of the slide?

Are you able to post an update yet? Thanks in advance.

Update on slide? Looking to paint our yellow play set Slide? Does the paint come off on clothes at all? Thank you!!

Thank you for this post! This was exactly what I was looking for and all my remaining questions were in the comment section already! So excited to make the yucky slide in a more feminine color! Blessings to you!

Everywhere i’m reading it’s saying that spray painting the slide is a definite no. That it chips and comes off on the kid’s clothes…..this is the only place I’m reading where you’ve had a good experience. Maybe it has to do with the type of paint people are using?? I want to lean towards what you’re saying since I want to paint this hideous green faded slide we inherited!! :)

I’m planning on painting my slide because it gets so hot. Did you notice a difference in hot the slide gets after painting it?

Soooo we just painted our brand new slide using your recommendations with the same black spray paint, it’s not good. It’s scratching off and we haven’t even put it up yet. Its sposeto go inside on an indoor playhouse. Is it going to flake everywhere and get all over our house snd kids clothes. Man What a waist of $230. I should have never just trusted this without doing more research. I would not recommend doing this at all. 👎🏻

Where did you get the slide?

does this paint still allow for an easy slide down? I know some paints it makes it harder to slide down the slide . I have a hideous green and yellow slide I’m dying to give a makeover

I am redoing a used cedar swing set we received as a gift. I painted it white and the roof rainbow and the windows pink. I used rustoleum spray paint for the windows, different looking bottle than yours. Now coming across your post I’m wondering if I could paint that the slides pink as well. They’re yellow so I don’t know if I should do white and then pink, or a different color entirely. I would really love your opinion and help. Thank you!