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How to Make a Rubber Band Ball

How to make a Rubber Band Ball

Want to learn how to make a rubber band ball?
Are you looking for a quick boredom buster for the kids?  Today I am going to show you how to make these easy rubber band balls. 
They are super quick to create with this step by step tutorial.  I remember creating these as a kid and having a ton of fun!  Let me show you how to make these rubber band balls in minutes.

How to make a Rubber Band Ball

Materials needed:

All you essentially need is a bag of rubber bands.  You can usually find them at a dollar store or an office supply store.  One large bag will create dozens of rubber band balls.

How to make rubber band balls:

Begin by folding one of the thicker bands over itself a few times to create the centre of the ball.

Next wrap a rubber band around the centre band a few times.

Continue to wrap rubber bands around each other until the ball reaches the size that you are looking for.

For a larger ball, start by crumpling a piece of paper into a tight ball.  

Wrap rubber bands around the ball until it reaches the size that you want.  
We found that balls that started with a rubber band as the centre were bouncier than balls that had a ball of paper at the centre.  Our boys enjoyed seeing who could make the bigger, bouncier ball!
Your kids will love making these rubber band balls too!!

How to make a Rubber Band Ball

This rubber band ball craft makes the perfect boredom buster for kids. 

It’s a great activity for:

  • camping
  • road trips
  • dark winter afternoons
  • play dates with friends
  • long appointments
  • and lots more!

    How to make a Rubber Band Ball

I would seriously recommend keeping a bag of rubber bands on you at all times!  Then you always have a quick activity that the kids can make quietly in a small space.  It’s the perfect craft that doesn’t require a lot of materials, time or equipment.  When would you use this tutorial?

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