DIY Little Black Bird Tutorial

DIY Black Bird Tutorial

This DIY Black Bird Tutorial leads you through the step-by-step process of creating this darling little bird that is perfect for fall decorating.

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DIY Black Bird Tutorial

Today I am showing you how to create this cute little guy hanging out on my scrap fall wreath…

I actually boo’d a friend of mine and hung this on her front door for Halloween.  It was so much fun!! Have you boo’d anyone?! I love this random acts of kindness concept!

DIY Black Bird Tutorial:

1.  Gather your basic supplies: black feathers, egg shaped body {an old plastic easter egg would work}, 1′ round head {I used an old drawer pull}, black wire, two small black beads for eyes, mod podge, tissue paper, black paint, tape, hot glue gun and glue. 
2.  Using hot glue, glue the head to the body.
3.  Using the wire, shape feet and legs.

4.  Using hot glue, glue the legs to the body.
5.  Using the tape, reinforce the glued areas and shape a beak and neck.
6.  Using the Mod Podge, cover the bird with tissue paper {not pictured}.  Then paint the whole thing black.

7.  Use the flat, not as fluffy feathers to cover the birds head.
8.  Use the fluffy feathers to cover the birds body.
9.  Hot glue gun feathers all over the bird.  Finish with black ribbon around the beak {if needed} and black eyes. 

Have him sit or stand on your favorite wreath and voila!  A lovely little accent just in time for Halloween!

Thanks for reading!

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