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Polymer Clay Baby Yoda Craft

Polymer Clay Baby Yoda Craft

This polymer clay Baby Yoda craft is fun to create and makes the cutest little Star Wars figure that you have ever seen!  Follow the easy step by step photo tutorial…

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Polymer Clay Baby Yoda Craft

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Supplies that you will need:

Polymer Clay Baby Yoda Craft

How to make this clay Baby Yoda craft:

  1. Begin by forming the clay into soft, malleable balls.
Polymer Clay Baby Yoda Craft

2. Roll a brown 6cm ball for the body, a 4 cm green ball for the head, 2 – 2 cm green balls for ears, 2 – ½ black balls for eyes and 2 – 1/4 cm green balls for hands.

Polymer Clay Baby Yoda Craft

3. Form the brown ball into a cylinder shape that slightly tapers at the top.

4. Form the small green balls into hands and stick to the brown body (not pictured).

Polymer Clay Baby Yoda Craft

5. Form the large green ball into a round head shape.

6. Form the two smaller green balls into triangular shaped ears.

Polymer Clay Baby Yoda Craft

7. Press the ears to the side of the head.

8. Poke a hole in the top of the body and bottom of the head with a toothpick.

Polymer Clay Baby Yoda Craft

9. Form the two black balls into eye shapes.

Polymer Clay Baby Yoda Craft

10. Use a cutting tool to shape a smile into the head. Press the eyes to the head.

Polymer Clay Baby Yoda Craft Process

11. Bake the clay as directed on the package.  For me this was 20 minutes at 220 degrees.

12. When the clay cools, seal with mod podge and add a white dot of paint to the eyes. Use a small toothpick to attach the head to the body.

My essentials for clay crafts:

Polymer Clay Baby Yoda Craft

This clay Baby Yoda is seriously so adorable.  It is way easier to create than he looks and is a simple craft to add a bit of whimsy to your space!

Polymer Clay Baby Yoda Craft

I love that this would be a really easy and fun Star Wars craft to make with the kids!  The combination of colors and shapes could be endless and it would be neat to see what they come up with.

Polymer Clay Baby Yoda Craft

Polymer clay crafting tips:

  • Work with a high quality product like sculpey clay.
  • Use plastic wrap in an air tight container to store clay.
  • Score where you want two pieces of clay to stick together.
  • Shape cutters work best on a flat, solid work surface.
  • A craft oven is not needed.
  • Bake at low temperatures to allow the clay to set slowly and prevent cracking.
  • You can find clay of all kinds of different colors at Michaels stores.
Polymer Clay Baby Yoda Craft

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Polymer Clay Baby Yoda Craft

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I am going to try to do this clay model. Let’s just hope that this is not going to be that hard to do. Also Heather you are an actual artist and talented. Also Heather I hope that you don’t mind me posting this on my instagram story.

Heather. How exactly do you make Yoda’s body for this?