20+ Cinnamon Roll Recipes With Pillsbury Dough

20+ Cinnamon Roll Recipes

These creative Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls Recipes are a fun way to use canned cinnamon bun dough! Make the most delicious and easy desserts in just minutes.

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What is Pillsbury cinnamon roll dough?

Pillsbury cinnamon roll dough is prepackaged sweet dough that comes in a can. It is ready to be shaped or divided into rolls or buns and baked.

The cinnamon roll dough comes in two varieties – Grands cinnamon buns or cinnamon rolls. Be sure to get the right ones for your purposes!

What are the directions for use?

Heat the oven to 375 degrees F and place the rolls onto a non stick pan or baking dish. Bake for about 15 minutes or until the cinnamon buns begin to turn golden on top. Spread frosting or icing over the rolls before serving.

Making homemade cinnamon buns has never been easier!

Creative cinnamon roll recipes:

This is the best cinnamon bun casserole recipe – absolutely delicious and perfect for Sunday morning breakfast. This dish is easy to prepare and a family favorite!

Cinnamon Roll Apple Casserole

This apple cinnamon roll casserole is absolutely delicious and perfect for a weekend brunch with friends or family. This recipe is easy to prepare with apple pie filling and a bit of brown sugar!

Oreo Cookie Cinnamon Rolls

Oreo Cookie Cinnamon Rolls – sweet buns filled with oreo crumbs and topped with creamy vanilla icing. This easy recipe is perfect for the Oreo cookie lover in your life!

Easter Bunny Cinnamon Buns

These Easter Bunny Cinnamon Buns are perfect for Easter – absolutely delicious and easy to make! These cinnabunny rolls are coated in frosting and covered in festive sprinkles.

Valentines Cinnamon Roll Recipe

This cinnamon roll recipe is perfect for Valentine’s Day! These heart shaped cinnamon buns are a sweet treat that everyone loves.

They make an easy breakfast that will quickly become a game changer next Valentines Day! Be sure to grab the printable recipe card and add it to your favorite recipes.

camp cooker cinnamon buns

These camp cooker cinnamon buns are an easy and tasty treat to make while camping.  We love to make them just about anytime that we are in the wilderness. 

Campfire Cinnamon Buns

Make these delicious campfire cinnamon buns! It doesn’t get better than fresh cinnamon buns while camping.

Dutch Oven Cinnamon Bun Recipe

These dutch oven cinnamon buns are beyond delicious and easy to make. This recipe is perfect for feeding a crowd while camping!

We have recently discovered that making cinnamon buns in the air fryer is super fun too! Air fryer recipes always make things quick and easy.

How to Make Air Fryer Cinnamon Rolls:


  • 8 count can original Pillsbury refrigerated cinnamon rolls
  • 1 tub frosting (that comes with the rolls)


1. Preheat the air fryer to 350 degrees fahrenheit.

2. Line the basket with parchment paper and use non stick cooking spray to coat the interior.

3. Pop open the can of cinnamon rolls.

4. Place the cinnamon roll dough into the air fryer basket, cinnamon side down.

5. Cook for 6 minutes or until golden brown on top.

6. Remove the basket from the air fryer and slather the rolls with frosting.

7. Using the parchment paper, lift the rolls from the basket and serve warm.

Tips and tricks:

  • Allow rolls to come to room temperature before storing leftover cinnamon rolls in an airtight container.
  • Be sure to watch your cook time as different brands of bake ware may need a longer cooking time.
  • Top homemade cinnamon rolls with cream cheese frosting for a more decadent flavor.
  • When shopping at your local grocery store look for the authentic Pillsbury brand cinnamon rolls. The store brand canned cinnamon rolls will do but in our experience they are just not the same as Pillsbury sweet rolls.
  • For fresh cinnamon rolls every day, have a can of Pillsbury Grands cinnamon rolls in the refrigerator at all times! We always have a tube of cinnamon rolls ready for baking Christmas morning.
  • Try experimenting with this pre-made dough in your Ninja Foodie, a cake pan, muffin tin or air fryer oven.

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