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3D Mario Perler Bead Craft

3D Mario Perler Bead Craft

This 3D Mario perler bead craft is a unique and creative way to build a Mario figure. It’s easy to do with this tutorial!

There are times in my life when I think that my kids are absolutely brilliant.  Like when Isaiah, in Grade One, received an “exceeding” mark in art and when I rounded the corner to the dining room to discover Cam creating this 3D Mario figure using perler beads!  

I would never, in a million years, have thought to create a 3D character out of perler beads!  A box maybe?  Yeah, I could make a square box…. but Mario?!  Brilliant I tell ya!  

3D Mario Perler Bead Craft

So this post comes to you directly from Cam’s creative imagination.  All this momma did was take a few photographs along the way….

3D Mario Perler Bead Craft

3D Mario Perler Bead Craft:


  • perler beads
  • large perler bead peg board
  • parchment paper
  • iron
3D Mario Perler Bead Craft


These are the pieces that you will need to build a 3D Mario.  There are twelve layers in total.  Cam filled some of the layers with green beads because we had an abundance of green but were starting to run out of tan and blue.  

I see another trip to Michaels for perler beads in my future…  You don’t see the filler bead color on the finished character because it’s in the centre of each layer.

3D Mario Perler Bead Craft

After all of the layers were created and ironed, Cam glued them together, stacking each piece from the bottom up.

3D Mario Perler Bead Craft

It totally looks like Mario right?!?!  Who knew that this little guy could be created using just a few perler beads!

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Crafting essentials for perler bead projects:


3D Mario Perler Bead Craft

Have your kids surprised you with any creative endeavours?  Mine have also made these perler bead Mario minis, perler bead Mario bubble wands and the cutest perler bead Chewbacca keychain.

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I boys will love this! Thanks for sharing!

Oh my goodness! My Mario obsessed boys will LOVE this! So fun. It was fun to meet you at SNAP last week! :)