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Roll a Grinch Game Free Printable

This “Roll a Grinch Game” is the perfect kid craft for the holiday season!  There is nothing that I like more than a simple craft for kids. 

roll a grinch game

I mean, the blog is full of them because we love to get creative around here with the littles.  What could be more fun than building your own Grinch with just the roll of the die?! 

Today I’m sharing how to make your very own roll a Grinch game! Looking for more Grinch themed ideas? Check out these darling Grinch crafts or delicious Grinch inspired treats!

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Kids simply roll the dice and add embellishments to the Grinch based on the roll of the die.  So for example, if they roll a one they would add hair, a two add a Santa hat and so on. 

My boys love to see how crazy they can make the Grinch look with all of his holiday hats! 

 Grab the free printable download (at the bottom of this post) to get started.  

How to create this roll a Grinch game:

roll a grinch game

1. Begin by grabbing a printable Grinch image from this Pin the Heart on the Grinch post.  Print the Grinch image onto a piece of 11×8.5″ paper.

roll a grinch game

2. Use straight pins to pin the printed Grinch image to a large 9×11.5″ piece of green felt material.  Be sure to pin both inside the image and around the outside of the image.

roll a grinch game

3. Cut out the Grinch body using a pair of sharp scissors and the printable as your guide.  Tip: good quality felt material from Amazon or Michaels (not the dollar store) is easier to cut.

roll a grinch game

This project is great for using up those scraps of felt and craft supplies you may have laying around the house.  I like using felt as the Grinch body for this game because things stick to it. 

All of the embellishments that the kids can add to the Grinch will naturally cling together rather than slide apart when you use felt material.

roll a grinch

4. Print out the playing card by right clicking on the image above and saving it or getting the download below.  I laminated our cards for extra durability. 

These would make great treats or favors at a birthday party because they are so quick and easy to make!  If your kids love this game be sure to check out our Roll a Monster Game too! 

roll a grinch game

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Materials needed for this roll a Grinch game:

roll a grinch game

5. Create the embellishments for the Grinch using scraps of felt material.  Cut out Santa hats and glue on pom poms, cut out Grinch hair and red and black hearts. 

I found these great sparkly heart stickers at Walmart in various sizes to use instead of felt hearts.  I used construction paper for the black hearts simply because I did not have any black felt at home. 

So get creative and use up the supplies that you may have in your craft stash.  

roll a grinch game

6. Play the Roll-a-Grinch Game! Children simply roll the dice and add the corresponding detail to their felt Grinch.

Additionally you can add details to the Grinch body with black puffy paint if you want.  This was a bit tricky to do and I felt like one of those cookie makers who add all of the amazing line details to cookies.  Maybe only attempt this if you’re up for a challenge? LOL 

roll a grinch game

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Cute though right?!  Why not add a Grinch game to this Grinch Mug gift idea for the Grinch lover on your Christmas list?! What would you do with this roll a Grinch game?  Have any fun ideas?  Please share…

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I only see the grinch printable one and two that lets you print the grinch on different pages. Is there a way to print them to one page, or is there a separate printable that has the grinch in one piece which will be printed on a single page?

I cant find the link to print the Grinch?