DIY Darth Vader Shoes Craft

DIY Darth Vader Shoes
These DIY Darth Vader shoes are awesome!  I like to mix up the boys back to school wardrobe with new stuff, thrift store finds, diy sewing projects and epic upcycles.  Be sure to check out our Back-To-School looks from last year for all of the fun ideas.
Darth Vader Shoes definitely fall into the epic upcycle category!  We also made these fun R2D2 Shoes from a blue pair of sneakers. They are so easy to create, seriously if I can do it, so can you.  Let me show you how…
Old Navy recently opened in Kelowna {I could DIE we are so excited!!!} and we have been in the store a few times now, including opening day WHOOP!!  My guys are huge Star Wars fans and quickly spotted a black and white Darth Vader t-shirt that they liked.  The only problem was that it only came in toddler sizes, too small for my kiddos.  
Old Navy also sells these plain, black sneakers, begging to be upcycled…. are you with me?!  
Black sneakers {$10} plus white acrylic paint equals awesome Darth Vader shoes!!!

How to make these DIY Darth Vader shoes:

Darth Vader Shoes Tutorial
1. So the first step is to sketch a Darth Vader shape onto the shoes using a piece of chalk or chalk pen {something that you can rub off later}.  
Darth Vader Shoes Tutorial
I googled a “Darth Vader” image and just free handed the general shape.
Darth Vader Shoes Tutorial
2. Next paint over the sketch with acrylic paint and add details.  You can add a fabric paint medium to the acrylic paint but I find that it is not necessary.
Darth Vader Shoes Tutorial
3. Rub off any of the sketch marks and you are DONE!!  be sure to allow them to dry completely before wearing.
Darth Vader Shoes Tutorial
Easy and awesome right?!?  You can guarantee that no other kid on the playground will be wearing a pair of DIY Darth Vader shoes!
Darth Vader Shoes Tutorial
I need to make myself a pair now *wink*.  The boys have been begging to make more Star Wars crafts!  Check out these Star Wars perler bead minis, Chewbacca cinnamon ornaments or this Boba Fett t-shirt for more crafting ideas.

Essentials for crafting with the kids:

Darth Vader Shoes Tutorial

If you make some will you share a photo with us?  I would love to see them!!

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What a fun and creative idea!!

Thank you!! xo

Oh I love these and would totally wear them myself too!

Totally!! ;)

Freaking Fantastic idea!!!

ha ha thank you! xo

LOVE this! I’m sure mine would not look that great .. lol

They would too! *wink*

Oh I love these!! These would be a HUGE hit in my house! I’ve pinned it!



Hi Heather,

I worked on your new theme for Emily.

I love this idea/tutorial. I don’t always get caught up in the content of the sites I work on, as much as the layout, but your DIY crafts are amazing! :)

Take care,


These are AWESOME! I might have to make my husband some. Great idea.

Hello! Thank you for sharing this tutorial! I just finished making these for my boyfriends birthday this coming week!! They turned out awesome!

Such an awesome idea. I loved it when socks did this and I never thought of shoes!! (face palm DUH!) I paint shoes because I love skulls and I make jewelry (I give most of it away lol) but your site is a new “go to” site!!! Thank you so much for sharing.

I love creating custom shoes and you just gave me some great ideas. I’m definitely going to make this as soon as I can. As a huge Darth Vader fan, I just have to try this out. :D Thanks!

Thank you so much for this. I’m planning a star wars wedding. These are perfect shoes for the guys. I also did them in stormtrooper.