75 Travel Trailer RV Organization Ideas

Today I am sharing some of the awesome travel trailer organization ideas that we use to keep our RV space neat and tidy.  These RV organization ideas help to make camping even more enjoyable.

Travel trailer organization ideas.

Discover genius organization ideas for maximizing space in your travel trailer! Streamline your adventure and enjoy clutter-free travels.

We recently purchased a 2011 Trail Sport travel trailer and have been camping every chance that we can get! As we head out into the great outdoors, we continue to improve the storage space in our 24ft unit.

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I like to keep our trailer as organized as possible because then it’s easy to find and store camping gear at a moments notice.  Utilizing as much of our small space as possible is a top priority for me so that when we go camping everything is already packed and ready to go.

I talk about How to Winterize Your Travel Trailer in another post so be sure to check it out and save it for fall.

3M hooks in a trailer used to hang keys and dog leash.

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Some of our travel trailer organization essentials:

Wire shelves attached to a travel trailer cupboard door to hold smaller items.

Travel Trailer Organization Ideas:

The kids have an indoor activity cupboard that I like to keep filled with things that might come in handy on rainy days.  Things like these glow sticksLego Mixels, puzzles and colouring books.  

I fastened this little shelf inside the door to provide extra space for more felt pens, glow sticks, mini kites and Lego.  

Wire dish organizers give two levels for dry goods in Travel Trailer cupboards.

I put wire dish organizers in the shelves to better organize our dry goods.  This gives me twice the room for dry food storage in our rv kitchen. 

Be sure to measure the height of your cupboard and the height of the shelf you are adding so that it fits in your trailer cupboard.

Wire dish organizer is used to organize Travel Trailer cupboards.

Here the wire organizer separates plastic bags and paper towel from our other bbq stuff. I find the best way to store small items is to keep them divided into their own little space.

Travel Trailer Organization bins inside of cupboards.

Most trailers come with these plastic sliding drawers in the kitchen cabinets.  We are making them work and have them filled with kitchen utensils, dishes and cutlery. 

Sometimes these sliding drawers can crack and break so I found these sliding drawers on Amazon that would work to replace them if needed. We also like to use this paper plate dispenser which is another great place to store dishes in a tiny space!

A plate dispenser and paper towel holder can be mounted under the kitchen cupboards which is an easy way to clear up counter space in your RV.

A hanging basket to hold snacks inside of trailer cupboard door.

Where to use a hanging basket:

  • In closets for clothing, snacks or supplies.
  • Beside beds for storing flashlights or reading material.
  • Below the kitchen cupboards to better utilize counter space.
  • Hang from the ceiling for storing bulky items like pillows.

These hanging baskets are perfect for utilizing the space inside of trailer cabinet door with easy access to snacks or toiletries.

A shoe organizer hanging on is hanging on a travel trailer wall to hold toiletries.

How to utilize travel trailer hangers: 

We moved from having a tent trailer to a travel trailer so I really wanted to utilize more of our vertical wall space.  Hanging things from doors, walls and closets really helped with this. 

The bathroom cabinet in our RV simply does not have enough extra storage for all of the camping gear that we pack!

Travel Trailer shoe organizer hanging on the wall to store toiletries and first aid items.

I hung a shoe organizer in our little rv bathroom above the toilet.  It’s the perfect spot for band aids, sunscreen, shampoo, toothbrushes and toothpaste. 

I simply used these 3M Command Hooks to safely attach and hang the shoe organizer from our trailer. These door shoe organizers save so much space in our limited space!

Things to look for at the dollar store:

  • suction cup hooks
  • door shoe organizer
  • tension rods
  • wire dish racks
  • first aid kit
  • towel rack
  • water bottle
  • bungee cord
  • magnetic strip
  • and tons more!

Check out my Dollar Store Camping Supplies post for tons of ideas on what camping gear to look for at the dollar store.

Travel Trailer closet with hanging clothing organization.

I have now outfitted all of the closets with these hanging closet shelves or better storage.  They work awesome as we are not likely to hang all of our camping clothing, I find it much easier to fold our clothes.

Travel Trailer Organization inside of closet.

Placing plastic drawers into large closets is a great way to use the space better!  I had to install this shelving unit by first pulling apart the plastic bins and placing them into the closet individually.

Command hooks in the travel trailer shower to hang towels.

These 3M suction cups are a must have for towels and wet swim gear. I hang them in the rv shower for wet clothing and by the door for keys, hats, jackets and leashes.

Travel Trailer with hooks beside door.

I use 3M command hooks throughout our space to hang keys, bags and clothing.

RV bathroom door with hooks for organizing.

This over the door hanger is perfect for hanging towels from our bathroom door!

If you are planning on purchasing a travel trailer of your own be sure to check out my Travel Trailer Buying Tips post for lots of information and ideas.  

Camping essentials such as a cast iron pan, camp chair, flashlight, and lanterns.

More RV Storage Ideas:

  • Utilize vertical space by using shoe storage hangers and hanging closet shelves
  • Double cupboard storage by utilizing wire dish racks inside
  • Fasten shelving to the inside of cupboard doors
  • Use bins to store similar items and stow them under benches and beds
  • Install drawers or shelves in large closets for easy storage
  • Use collapsable laundry hampers for clothing and toy storage
  • Fasten and hang other storage solutions for fruit and paper towel
  • Install 3M hooks on walls for hanging clothing and gear

Do you have more travel trailer organization ideas that your family uses when camping?  Please share your RV organization tips, we would love to see them!

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Awesome! We’ll be heading out in a few months to live full-time in our caravan (Aussie term for travel trailer). We just installed wire baskets in our closet because we also won’t be using it for hanging storage. I’ve got some hanging pocket organisers to hang in the kids’ bunks and over the door hooks for towels. Can’t wait!

That sounds awesome!!! Pocket organizers by the beds would be perfect for books and treasures :)

Thanks for the great tips! Camping season is over for us but I will definitely be taking these into consideration for next season.

I am so happy I stumbled across this. We are getting a trailer soon and there are so many great ideas here I can see myself putting into use.

Love this! We came back yesterday for our virgin trip in our 23 ft travel trailer that is so similar to yours. I love the hanging organizer! I thought I would hang all my clothes…..what a pain. Keep feeding us with ideas! Thanks.

Was looking at your organizers. I noticed a light right beside the closet. My husband & I do a lot of camping and try to better the camper every chance we get. What kind of a light do you have beside the bed??

How did you hang these items without having to put nails in the walls (which isn’t recommended)? I have seen some over-the-top baskets for doors and they seem to work well. We have recently downsized from a 32 foot 5th wheel to a 21 foot tag-along and I’m looking for anything to help keep this small space neat.

Thanks for the great tips on organizing for a small camper. You have made several suggestion I am going to try. Will let you know how things go. We made our maiden voyage in the past 3 days, camping with friends who have a casita. I also gleaned several good suggestions from her.

I hung two over-the-door shoe racks on either side of the bathroom door in our trailer. I used the hooks that came with them and staggered them for the front and back. Our bathroom door is off of the kitchen so the hanging unit on the kitchen side holds spice bottles, bag clips, and bigger cooking utensils like spatulas and tongs. The bathroom side houses first-aid kit supplies, medicines, body wash and shampoo, combs and brushes, etc. and every family member has a pocket for their own toothbrush and toothpaste. It has opened up a ton of cabinet space and works like a charm!!

I did the same with the 12 – pocket shoe storage hanging over the bathroom door ( facing in the bathroom ) — holds all of the bathroom needs , hair products , sun tan oils , nail products , and what not .

I like the hanging shelves in the closet!! But I think I like carrying my clothes right from my own closet to my camper. My neighbours must think I’m mad when they see me going across the lawn with an armload of hung clothes!

I don’t have many tips, although I should since I live in my 30 footer for most of the year while working. Two things that I do that might be helpful are: I keep a spring shower rod in the shower for hanging wet clothes and my bath pouff. It comes in really handy for wet towels from the kids or for when you’re doing laundry and I put knitted dish clothes or that spongy roll of stuff some people use on the bottom of their crisper drawer to put between my plates while we are moving the rig so that my plates don’t break.

great start on organizing! I have a little camper that is 15 feet by 7 feet inside and have done a lot of organizational mods that you might enjoy looking at. I’ve even managed to fit in a washing machine! I replace the dinette with a storage couch and a set of tables. let me know what you think! http://WackyPup.blogspot.com

How are you folks hanging items from the walls without putting nails in the wall (which I understand is not recommended)? We recently downsized from a 32 foot 5th wheel to a 21 foot tag-along and I am looking for any tips on organizing to keep this tiny space neat! We tow with a truck so have added a topper so we can carry seasonal or occasional-use items in plastic bins. Will keep the necessities inside the camper. You ladies sound as if you are experts at living in small spaces. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

3M Hooks and Velcro are my best friends.

Sorry – I forgot to check the boxes below “submit” for notices. Have a wonderful day, everyone!

Do you have any idea where to buy replacement plastic drawers? I thought the IKEA Trofast ones would fit in the rails under our sink, but they are a little too narrow. I can’t seem to get the right search term to find them anywhere.

Tell me how to fix this pls, I put in the storage things in the closets, like the one you have , but every time we go from place to place the clothes fall forward out of the bins, help

Hello Heather
First off thank you the great tips. I have been shopping for the hanging organizers & cant seem to find one big enough….either too big or too small where did you find yours it looks like it fits perfectly . Thank you again for sharing your ideas

I love using the hanging storage as well! I put heavier clothing items such as jeans on the bottom all the way to lightest like socks at the top. Items have never fallen out. I’ve also cut the shoe pocket organizers in strips and added grommets to hang with adhesive hooks in various cabinets in the camper and especially one outside off the canopy. I duplicate items to have both inside and out…sunscreen, lighters, flashlight, scissors and garbage bags. Saves from going in/out so often.

I have a 2016 Salem 27RKSS travel trailer. There was a blank panel next to the microwave. The space was completely empty. Added a 22×10 cabinet door with self closing hinges. Now have an extra cabinet.
Also replaced blank panel water heater access with cabinet door and furnace access grill with hinges. This is also access to water pump.
Added plastic 3 drawer cabinet to wardrobe. Screwed a couple block below cabinet connected to floor. Still have a little room for hanging clothes. Also, measure twice for fits and sizes!

Also added stick on led lights to wardrobe closets and all cabinets. The lights are cheap and work great to add light with batteries so no wiring. Batteries last a looong time.

Great ideas! Where did you purchase the hanging closet shelves for clothes? Thx!