Keto Travel Tips

Keto Travel Tips

These keto travel tips make sticking to a ketogenic lifestyle while travelling easy.  Whether it be commuting to and from gymnastics, road tripping on our latest camping adventure or flying to a tropical destination in the winter, we always seem to be travelling.  Ever since I began my ketogenic lifestyle journey, these keto travel tips have allowed me to stick to my healthy eating plan and still find success.

How to stay keto while travelling:


Plan ahead!

  • Meal planning ahead of time is key for me whenever I am travelling.
  • When taking a flight I look at where I will be for meal times and plan to eat accordingly.  Whether it be at a restaurant with keto friendly options or something that I have packed with me.  Airplane food is notoriously expensive and non-keto so I never rely on it.
  • When road tripping or camping I make keto meals ahead of time so that most of the prep work is done at home.  Some of our favorite keto camping meals are Cheesy Campfire Dip, Loaded Campfire Cauliflower and this Hearty Sausage Skillet.
  • Make sure to include coffee and electrolyte supplements.


Pack low carb snacks.

  • Even the best laid plans can fall through so be sure to have low carb snacks on hand just in case.
  • Make meals that travel well like these Keto BLT Bagels or cucumber sandwiches (pictured above).
  • We like to pack:  nuts, Quest bars, Good Fat Bars, Spitz, pork rinds, celery sticks, Whisps, coconut fat bombs and beef jerky.
  • Most gas stations even have keto friendly options like hard boiled eggs, pickles, cheese strings and pepperoni sticks.
  • Use caution with prepackaged low carb “keto” snacks as many include ingredients that can be just at triggering as cane sugar to the glycemic index.  


Visit the local grocery store.

  • Make your own meals from your accommodations.  We took advantage of this on our last trip to Maui and cooked most of our dinners from our Air BNB.  This steak and asparagus (pictured above) was amazing overlooking the ocean!
  • Buy fresh produce or keto friendly items from the deli or local vendors.
  • We like to stock up on cheese, pickles, meat and vegetables like celery, cucumber, zucchini, asparagus and of course bacon!


Utilize intermittent fasting.

  • After a few years of following keto I began to practise intermittent fasting more often.  I found that I just was not hungry until well after lunch most of the time.
  • Plan to fast on travel days so that meal planning and snacking is not necessary.
  • Check out for more information on intermittent fasting.


Scout out keto friendly restaurants.

  • Most restaurants have menu items that can easily be made keto.  
  • Taco salad (hold the nachos), steak and seasonal vegetables (hold the mashed potatoes) or chicken caesar salad (hold the croutons).  Don’t be afraid to ask for substitutions!
  • Ask for dressing and sauces on the side.
  • I usually make sure I know where the closest Starbucks and Wendy’s are whenever I travel.

Do you have more keto travel tips?!  Please share…

These keto camping recipes make it easy to stay low carb this summer. This healthy recipe list will help you stay keto throughout your camping trip!  

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