20+ Easy Crochet Projects

Check out all of the easy crochet projects that are perfect for beginners in this post! The hard part will be choosing a crochet project to start with.

Easy Crochet Projects

Winter is one of my favorite times of year for picking up fresh crochet supplies and kicking off the season with a new crochet project or two.

Today, I am sharing 20+ Easy Crochet Projects that any beginner crocheter could create! If you need a crochet refresher course, be sure to grab my Learn To Crochet eBook for all the crochet basics and step-by-step visuals.

Crochet is the perfect take along hobby!

My boys always have a request or two for things that they would like me to make. This year is no different, as Cameron just informed me this morning that he would like a Baby Yoda amigurumi, pretty please.

Wish me luck on that one! Amigurumi are not my forte. I prefer bigger projects over small crochet projects. They work up fast, so that I can see my progress quickly.

Tiny crochet stitches can be difficult to see and work with as a beginner. Someone who is a master at making small items, like crochet dolls and amigurumi?! My 92-year-old grandma…she blows my mind with her teeny tiny amigurumi crochet skills.

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Crochet tips for beginners:

  • Choose beginner crochet patterns that are straightforward and simple to start. Like this Crochet Headband project.
  • Look for basic crochet stitches that are easy to learn, like double crochet stitches or single crochet stitches.
  • A great way to make fast progress on a project is to use large, chunky yarn, like this Chunky Bernat Yarn, with a large crochet hook. This makes seeing your stitches easier and your project work up faster.
  • Grab a quick refresher course with a great video or photo tutorial, like those in my Learn to Crochet eBook.
  • Choose smaller projects that you can finish in a timely fashion. A big project, like crocheting an entire blanket, can be a great goal, but it’s a daunting task to finish!

Easy Crochet Patterns:

Slouchy Beanie – Having a bad hair day? This is the perfect crochet pattern for you! You’ll definitely want to make several in different colors.

Crochet Slippers Pattern

Easy Slippers – This simple crochet slipper pattern comes in multiple different sizes. What better way to keep your family’s toes cozy this winter?

Crochet Flower Pattern

Crochet Flower – This quick and fun project is the perfect way to use small bits of leftover yarn you have in your stash. Grab the free pattern!

Crochet Tote Bag Pattern

Market Tote – Take this crochet bag with you everywhere! It’s perfect for grocery shopping or the farmers market.

crochet plant holder

Plant hanger – A great gift idea for the green thumb in your life, this free crochet pattern is perfect for the holiday season.

crochet dog bed pattern

Dog bed – Using basic stitches, and any color combination you can imagine, this bed is the perfect project for all those little fur babies in your life.

Crochet Headband Tutorial

Headband pattern – These headbands always sell quickly at craft fairs.

Crochet Pumpkin Pattern

Easy Pumpkin – This is one of those small projects that I just love! It comes together so quickly and is so adorable!

Crochet Chiffon Infinity Scarves

Infinity scarf – A cozy pattern for cold weather, this crochet scarf is the perfect gift.

Free Crochet Floor Pouf Pattern

Floor poof – A simple pattern that uses front post stitches to give this project some extra texture.

Which of these 20+ easy crochet projects would you tackle first?  The Crochet Floor Pouf is by far my most popular and most created crochet tutorial.  And I promise, it’s way easier to make than it looks! 

Please let me know if you have any questions about these crochet projects, I would love to help!

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